Angel Message Of The Day : Present Moment

Angel of the Presence and Inner Wisdom 


Light a candle; see the Flame of Divinity reflected within you. That which has come before brings you to this moment, to this place, to that which is before you now. You must keep in mind that the present is a gift that is given to you. You are given the chance to appreciate all that you have now. Remind yourself to acknowledge all that you are in this very moment. Make sure that you have the presence of mind, not only in action but in your heart and soul, as well. This means cherishing what is right in front of you. You must no longer stray away from the haunting past or the unknown future. Instead, seek out what is in front of you and be in the present.    


Bring all of your awareness to this moment, and release all that has come before. Seek not moments yet to be. When you release all of the hurt, worries, doubts, and fears of the past, you will feel renewed. At the same time, you will get to focus on what truly matters. The present is important, and you must not forget to be grateful for what you are today. You may only have this moment once in your lifetime. Rejoice for there shall not be another moment as precious as this moment.  

Breathe in light, and focus on the flame of the candle. Do you sense warmth radiating within? Look at yourself. Is there not much for which to be grateful at this moment? There are lots of blessings that you acquire, and there is so much love and light around and within you. Surround yourself with the positivity of the present, and you must reflect and prioritize. Carry on with the thought of the gifts that are freely given to you by the Divine Source.


The gift of wisdom brings with it trust, faith, hope, anticipation, discernment, gratitude, and compassion. Keep your trust that all is on the right path and alight with what is meant to be. Everything is set, and you are on the right path at the right moment. Keep your faith that you will get whatever it is you seek. If you want something to be true for you, then clear your mind of all thoughts except those that bring forth the answer to your question or problem. Do not allow yourself to think about what cannot be changed at this time or place. This is not where we choose our answers from but rather from within ourselves where we create new possibilities for ourselves and our lives at every moment in time.


Refocus your thoughts, and your emotions, aligning you with this moment. There is only this moment, there is no other.  A lot of people tend to dwell on the past and worry about what may happen in the future, but this is not where you should be focused. The past is gone, it’s over and done with. The future is also uncertain and unknowable; we can only do our best, but we cannot control what happens to us.You need to step into the present moment, without attachment or expectation, just awareness of your thoughts and feelings.

Yes, be aware and acknowledge that which must be attended to in the physical realm. Just for this moment, be in the moment. What so ever you focus upon, shall be, for it is the law.  There are no other people around who can see this moment for themselves. This is your gift for today: to be able to experience this moment with all its beauty and wonder without any expectations from others or from yourself.  In this moment there is everything that matters: love, kindness, compassion and understanding towards yourself; gratitude towards those who have helped you along the way


Rejoice, for this moment is unlike any other, it shall not pass this way again.  The past gives us clues as to what is possible, and the future holds promise. But the present moment is where we are, right now. And it can be a time of great joy, or it can be a time of confusion, regret, sadness, pain, and suffering. Choose to see the love and light of the present moment. Carry the flame of Divinity within your heart center; it shall accompany you all your days.

Amanda Cooper

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