Angel Message Of The Day : Faith, Trust, Belief in the Divine



Contemplate the path before you on this day. Do not invest too much with your mind to wander off into the future; rather, stay focused on each step that lies ahead. Each step is important, so do not rush. Be mindful of where you are in the present moment and how you can use it to empower yourself with faith, trust, and belief in the divine. Look back at where you have come from. Look forward to where you are going to go next. And then look within yourself for all the answers that may have eluded you in the past. Take time out from your busy schedule today and clear your mind so that it may be filled with light and love from above


It is not the same as that which lay before you yesterday nor is it the same path in the light of another dawn. Life is a constant investment, a never-ending journey. Each day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities. It is your faith, trust, and belief that gives you the power to move forward in life with hope and confidence. You often forget how powerful your thoughts are. It can be like seeds that grow into flowers or weeds that choke us to death. Thoughts affect emotions which control your actions. Your actions determine the direction of your life.

That which has come before is behind you. The past is just that, the past. It is over and done with and nothing can change it. You have to leave it behind as you move forward into your future. If you continue to hold onto the past, you will never be able to see what lies ahead of you or enjoy all of the blessings that come with each new day. You are only limited by your thoughts and beliefs, so when you think about a problem or situation, always ask yourself “What am I thinking?”. When you think, you’re choosing that future magnet towards you into the present time. The future is where you are going to create your own reality by making choices that are in alignment with your highest good and the greater good of humanity.


Sorrow, injustice, and disappointment all are behind you now.  You have been holding on to so much sorrow, injustice, disappointment, betrayal, and guilt. It has weighed you down and kept you in a state of sadness and grief. No matter how hard you tried to avoid it, you could not get away from these feelings. Now is the time for them to be lifted away forever. This moment is the one where all of those burdens will be lifted from your shoulders. There is no need for sadness or worry about what has been or what will be. The future is bright with possibilities and happiness. Your life will be filled with joy and peace as never before.


Look to the light beloved one, all your desires are granted in the moment of wanting, in the moment of speaking aloud, in the moment of declaring your heartfelt desires.  It is the divine will to bring you joy and happiness, peace and abundance. It is my divine will to bring you joy and happiness, peace and abundance. What do you desire? What are your heartfelt desires? Speak them out loud, and be sure that they are what you truly want in life. Know that your heart desires nothing but good for you.


It may at first appear as though you are not heard, your desires overlooked. However, trust in the Divine, and in your own ability to manifest your dreams. What can seem like a lack of progress is often just our human tendency to get impatient. Many of us have faith in the Universe, but what about your faith in yourself? Do you believe that you can achieve your dreams? Or do you believe that they are merely fantasies that will never come true? Faith is not simply believing something to be true. It is also believed that it will happen. It is having every reason to trust that things will work out for your best interest, even when it appears as though they are falling apart.

Believe not in the absence of that which is yet to be made manifest in physical form for all is granted without delay, without condition. Faith, on the other hand, is belief in something without proof or evidence. It is believing despite a lack of evidence. Faith allows you to see beyond what is visible with your eyes so that you may see what cannot yet be seen with them but only felt within your hearts and minds as an inner knowing that all is well no matter what appears before you on this earthly plane at any given moment.


Allow yourself to believe, to have faith, to trust all is in Divine Order occurring in Divine Time. Believe the Universe will provide all you need at exactly the right moment. You live in a society that teaches you to think and act in a very specific way. You are told that if you don’t have enough money, it is your fault. You didn’t work hard enough or smart enough. But what happens when we don’t have enough money? Do we stop believing in ourselves? Do we stop trusting life? Do we give up on our dreams? You need to find ways to make more money, which often means taking on more debt or working longer hours. The truth is that many people have an unconscious belief that there isn’t enough money in the world for all of them to be happy and healthy. When this belief becomes conscious, it can be very painful because it goes against everything we have been taught about how life works. Trust that your life is unfolding exactly as it should be and everything is always working out for the best.


Yes, we understand it may appear these words are empty, without substance, just beyond your grasp. However, You must gain hope that through the power of positive thinking and faith, you will soon see how they can be a reality. You are not alone in this journey. We are here with you every step of the way to support and encourage you on your journey to recovery from struggles in life. Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. It helps to write down what you’re good at and what you aren’t so good at. Then look for patterns in what makes you strong and what makes you weak.


If you will trust, hold firm this or something better, it shall be so this day and all the days before you. Do not trust in money, but trust in the Universe. There is a season for everything and every season has its own unique blessings. The key to a successful life is to live in the season you are in and enjoy it. Some people like to be busy all the time, but they do not know how to relax. Even if they relax, they feel guilty about it. This is not healthy because it causes stress and tension.

What shall you request of me brethren and me this day and all the days before you? Money may always be there and all the material things will be present as these are the small things that can be provided easily. Ask for the things that will be the greatest investment in life. Ask for wisdom. Wisdom is not only about knowledge but also about how to use it properly. Wisdom is about being able to apply that knowledge in a way that brings benefit to others and yourself.

Amanda Cooper

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