Angel Message Of The Day : Seeing Past Illusions



See beyond self-made limitations. 


Limitation is taught by others, reinforced by the conscious mind

Limitation is fear based thought which no longer serves your highest and best good.  Limitation is a perception of not being, doing, or having all that you desire. 


Be willing to see past the illusion of lack, limitation.  


Step into the light, remember who you are.  


You are light.  

You are love expressed fully, without hesitation.  


There is only love or fear.  


Do you choose to remember loving thoughts, situations, experiences?  


Yes, acknowledge all that has come before, for it has brought you to this moment.  


We ask you to see past the limitation of what was, seeing past perceived illusion.  


Step into the light, bringing into harmony and balance all that you already are with who you have allowed you to become along the journey.  


At any moment you are free to choose to remain in the shadows of what was or step into the light of what is.  

Look , there is much to be thankful for.  


Look about, seeing past illusion, stepping into the warmth of love and light.  


All is well, go in peace this day.

Amanda Cooper

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