Angel Message Of The Day : Peacefulness



Begin at the beginning.  


Begin within. 


Begin without. 


The place you find you now is the beginning.  


Breathe deeply, beloved child for you are peaceful by nature.  


Breathing deeply, beloved child for you is an expression of perfection, you are whole and complete as you are in this moment and the next and the next. 

Peacefulness is expressed in the release of all things, emotions, thoughts, anger, or fear of not being where you want to be.  


Allow your physical body to sigh deeply, feel your shoulders release the burdens they carry. 


Breathe deeply beloved children; you are loved beyond measure.  


Breathe deeply beloved children; you are perfection.  


Breathe deeply beloved children; you are peacefulness expressed in its purest form.  


Be as free as a feather floating on the gentle breeze.  

Allow your Spirit to soar freely in peacefulness.  


Be open to peacefulness this day and all the days before you.

Amanda Cooper

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