Angel Message Of The Day : Harmony Within

Archangel Raphael 


Harmony is a state of mind and emotion. If you want to live in a world where everyone gets along with each other, then you must be able to attain inner harmony first. You must be able to control your own emotions before you can control the environment around you. To gain harmony, you must have love within you as well. Since love is the one constant in your life and it’s always available to everyone. You can choose to be loving or not loving at any moment. And when you choose to love, you always feel better about yourself and life in general.


Harmonious thoughts create a harmonious state of mind, healing body, mind, Soul, and Spirit. Harmony is all about balance. It is when everything works together as one unit in perfect harmony. When there is harmony in your life, it means that everything is in place and working smoothly with no problems or issues to disrupt it. When you meditate on the word harmonious, you are creating a harmonious space for yourself to inhabit. Since you are the creator of your life. You create your reality by the thoughts that you think and the words that you speak. There is nothing more powerful than thought. Thoughts can be used for good or for evil. 

Harmony is a sense of balance in all things, all thoughts, in all emotions. It is the ability to see that everything is connected and interdependent and that we are all part of the same whole. Harmony improves your physical health because it helps you to relax, relieves stress, and allows you to enjoy life more fully. When you are in harmony with yourself, you know what your needs are and how to meet them. You know how much space you need around you and at what times; you know when it’s time to be alone, when it’s time to socialize, and when it’s time simply to be present without thinking about anything else.


Harmony is a sense of peacefulness radiating from within your essence. When you have harmony within yourself and with others, life becomes easier to navigate because fewer obstacles are blocking the way. You’re at peace with yourself, others, and your surroundings. When you’re in harmony, everything seems right with the world. You feel like everything is working together for you and your needs are being met. Your relationships improve, your health improves and you feel more productive at work. Achieving harmony means understanding what’s going on in your life, accepting it, and working to change what needs to be changed.

Your essence is untouched by humankind. This has never been shared before and it will never be shared again. It is unique, individual, and precious. It’s your nature, your true self and it can’t be changed by anyone. The best part about having this essence is that no one can take it away from you. The problem with this idea of essence is that it’s hard to find what it is. To do so, You must connect within your soul and figure out what you love doing most as well as what you hate doing most. Once you figure out these two things, you can then find your essence because it will be there somewhere between these two extremes.


Think back for a moment; think back to a time when you felt peaceful, your entire being releasing all that no longer served your highest and best good.  When you’re in a state of reflection, you must observe what you fear and how can you overcome it to connect with others. Now imagine that feeling of peace, but see it in the form of a beautiful light. The light is warm and comforting, bathing you in its healing energy. As you exhale, imagine the light leaving your body and spreading throughout your surroundings. You are cleansing the environment of all negative energies, clearing space for something new to enter your life.

Step into the light before you with love in your heart, mind, in all your energy bodies. Close your eyes but for a moment, is all that is needed to transport you to that space and time where you were at total peace with all around you. You feel safe and secure here, you have nothing to worry about or fear because this safe space is yours to explore and enjoy. Your mind becomes peaceful and calm as it travels through this paradise on Earth which is within your mindscape. You are loved beyond measure by family and friends who know your worth and value, and who would never think of harming or hurting you in any way.


In truth, that sense of peacefulness is always with you. Peace happens when you’re still and quiet enough to hear it. It’s when you’re not so busy making plans and worrying about things that haven’t happened yet or what others might think of you. In truth, that sense of peacefulness is always with you. It’s an inherent part of who you are as a spiritual being. When you’re feeling fearful, angry, or depressed, it’s often because your thoughts have taken over and are in the process of creating stress. To be truly at peace, you have to be one with everything around you. There are no exceptions. The more love and compassion you feel toward others, the more love and compassion they will feel toward you.


In truth, you are always in a state of harmonious bliss. You are not your thoughts and feelings. You are the witness of your thoughts and feelings. You are aware of them, but you are not them. You do not need to make sense of your thoughts and feelings; you only need to notice them without judging them as good or bad, right or wrong, important or unimportant. You can be living in a place where there is war and suffering on the outside, but if you are at peace within yourself, you will be happy and content with what life has given you. 


Filter out that which attempts to distract you from your true self. Know all is well, all is healed. The Divine energy is constantly working on your behalf. The only thing you have to do is allow it in and allow yourself to feel it. The universe is always on your side; it is always working for you and with you. As soon as you open yourself up, the best things will start happening in your life. You will feel an increase in abundance, health, love, and joy. This is your time to shine and show the world who you are.

Seek harmony within. Harmony shall accompany you all your days. If your life is filled with stress and chaos, then it is time for some harmony. Harmony is balance and peace within yourself. It is when your thoughts, body, and spirit are in harmony with one another. When you have this type of harmony, life becomes easier and more pleasant because you are no longer fighting against yourself.

Amanda Cooper

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