Angel Message Of The Day : State Of Grace & Harmony

Archangel Haniel 


Sit in the silence; allow the stillness to surround you.  Let your mind wander where it will, without attaching yourself to any particular thought or feeling. Let go of any thoughts or feelings that are trying to get your attention and instead, focus on the sensation of being alive in this moment. You will be able to see your life as it is happening: what is good, what needs to change, and what can stay exactly as it is. You will be able to hear your own heart and mind and feel what needs to happen next for you to live a life of grace and harmony. You will know how to act on this information because the answers will come easily, naturally, and with clarity.


Sit in silence; allow the stillness to enter the physical body, filling your entire being, softly extending outward into all your energy bodies.   Allow the silence to spread through your mind, calming and soothing it. Let it clear away all thoughts and feelings that are not harmonious with your state of grace and harmony. As you open yourself up to this experience, you may notice that you feel more relaxed than usual. Let go of all thoughts, expectations, and desires. Let go of all worries and concerns. You may also notice a sense of peace or lightness within yourself. This is because your body is becoming more receptive to higher vibrations as it relaxes into its natural state of grace and harmony.

Be open to the stillness, open your mind, open your heart.  The key to accessing the state of grace and harmony is to be open to the stillness, open your mind, and open your heart. This state can help you find peace in even the most unfortunate situations. The truth is, the world is a mess because of what others make it so. Our minds are messy, our hearts are closed off, and our lives are filled with stress and worry. We’re always moving forward, always running from one thing to the next, never stopping to take a deep breath or stop for a minute to feel our feelings.

Stillness is the silence between thoughts, emotions, between actions.   In this stillness, we can hear our inner guidance. We can hear what we need to do next. It’s the place where you can feel yourself breathing and hear your heart beating. It’s a sense of peace that you can find in your very own skin. We can feel our breath and notice the sensations in our bodies. And we can see our lives clearly without needing to make any judgments or decisions about them. Stillness is everywhere and nowhere at once; it is everything and nothing at all. It’s ever-changing yet unchanging, always flowing through you but never leaving you behind.

Stillness is a state of grace, harmony, a state of peacefulness.  it’s the moment in which you can hear your breath, feel the rhythm of your heart beating, and know that everything is as it should be. You can achieve this state. It’s a place where you can be with yourself. A place where you can connect to others. A place where you can find the stillness within yourself and feel connected to all that’s around you. It’s your nature. Stillness is something you yearn for daily, but you often let other things get in the way of you achieving it. The key to realizing your potential is learning how to achieve stillness. This can be done by learning how to relax and let go of your stresses, worries, and fears.



Allow your physical body to release all its burdens, real or perceived. In the release, the body becomes lighter, and the Spirit becomes brighter. In this state of grace and harmony, all that is within you is released from its constraints. Your energy becomes free to flow around you and through you, as it wishes. You are no longer limited by what is outside of yourself; rather, your inner light shines brighter than ever before.  In the release, you create space for loving thoughts, emotions, and actions.   When you release, you create space for loving thoughts, emotions, and actions to flow into your life. It’s a simple concept: When you create space for something new to come in, the old things have to go out. The more you practice releasing, the easier it becomes to let go of what isn’t serving you anymore. In the release, you create a state of grace and harmony.  You are letting go of the past, and welcoming the present. You are stepping into yourself, and finding peace in the moment. You bring into your life what you need to move forward and heal. You release anything that is holding you back from being joyful and happy.

Open to all that is before you with grace.  With every breath, you are expanding into new realms of possibility, which are just waiting for your presence. Allow the Divine Source to unfold in a way that is perfect for you and your needs. When you open yourself up to grace, you begin to experience a sense of harmony with the world around you. This sense of harmony comes from being able to accept all things as they are without trying to change them into what they should be or could be. The world around us is constantly changing: people come and go; seasons come and go; even our bodies change over time. Yet when we allow ourselves this sense of grace, we begin to see the beauty in these changes rather than fixating on what was lost along the way.

All is before you; reach out to me and my brethren, for we are messengers of Source.  You have a unique gift to give this world, and the divine source is here to help you discover it. You are free to do as you wish, and it is our honor to offer you guidance and assistance in the form of Source’s messengers. You have been given a gift—the ability to see beyond what is right in front of you—and it is our job as messengers of Source to help guide you along your path. There is always more than enough love for everyone, and I will be by your side every step of the way.


Step into the light; be in a state of harmony all this day.  The world is full of discord and disharmony. It’s difficult to find a place where you can be yourself and feel at peace with the world around you. But today, you’ve found that place. When you step into the light, when you are in a state of harmony all day long, you can find peace inside yourself. Yes, it will take work at first—but once you’ve made peace with yourself, it will be easier every day after that. You’ll have more energy for your work, for your relationships with others, and for everything in your life that matters most to you. This is a day to connect with your inner self and focus on what brings you joy.

Grace and harmony shall be your constant companion. Your thoughts, words, and actions will be aligned with your highest good and the highest good of all beings around you. Let your words and actions reflect the peace that resides within you, so that all may see it and be inspired by it.

Amanda Cooper

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