Angel Message Of The Day : Harmony Or Chaos



Harmony is a state of being; being in balance, being joyful.  


If chaos surrounds you, chaos is also within you.  


Harmony and chaos cannot co-exist.  


That which has been made manifest before you, is that which is also within you.  


If you desire peacefulness, harmony shall abide with you.  


If you desire joy, harmony shall abide with you.  

Look about you, how shall you choose to bring harmony into physical, emotional, mental, and Spiritual Balance?  


Bringing harmony does not require massive change this instant.  


Allow you to seek balance in all things, one step along your path and then another and another.  


Much like spring cleaning it is time to bring you into a state of harmony


Remove shadow and darkness, shed light within. 

Light shall illuminate all that surrounds you.  


Choose wisely, for in the choosing, you choose which seeds to sow within you and that which surrounds you.  


What seeds shall you choose to sow this day?

Amanda Cooper

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