Angel Message Of The Day : Light Among The Shadows Of Darkness

Light Among the Shadows of Darkness 


Archangel Michael 


Call upon me for protection, clearing away all lower negative energies from all places, situations.  


Call upon me for protection from lower negative energies projected from those about you.  


As a moth is drawn to the flame, so shall your light attract many moths.  


Many seek to illuminate their own spirits along their journey.  

Some seek to extinguish the light of the flame.  


Call upon me and my brethren beloved child, for the light of the Creator shall shine forth through all layers of darkness.  


Release that which does not belong to you.  


Release the fear of being alone.  


Release the fear of being unloved.  


Release the fear of not having all you desire.  


Open your heart, mind, body and Spirit to all that is before you.  


As the light within becomes brighter, now you will begin to vanish in the eyes of some, for they will not be able to see you.  


As the light within becomes stronger in its softness, now some will attempt to extinguish the light within you. 

Your faith, trust, inner strength, your knowledge will be tested.  


Remain strong, vigilant, against the darkness of others.  There are many over the ages who have sought to destroy, to conquer, attempting to extinguish the Divine Spark within each of you.  


Call upon me and my brethren, we shall protect and shield you from all that is not of love and light.  

Call upon me, I carry the sword of light mighty enough to clear away darkness and shadow


Call upon me and my brethren, we shall light the way before you for all your days.

Amanda Cooper

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