Angel Message Of The Day : Light Within

Archangel Michael 


In the dawning of a new day, hope, faith, and trust are renewed, delivering the unconditional promise of the Divine Source’s eternal light and love. A new day represents many things, but ultimately, it symbolizes a fresh start. When there is hope, there is a vision of a better tomorrow that you can hold onto tightly. You are never alone in your journey, and you must continue to hold on to hope that you will flourish, full of love and light. When there is faith and trust, there is the belief that all is in the Divine Order. All is as it should be, and you can carry on with your journey, holding onto the faith and trust that you are on the right path.


There are many who would attempt to distract you from your life’s purpose, from speaking your truth, or attempt to dissuade you from seeking your heart’s desires. These are hurdles that you will meet on your journey, and you must not let these distractions hold you down from seeking what you truly want. The distractions will be enticing as ever, and the goal is to create a shadow against seeking your heart’s desires. Do not let them. You must let go of these distractions in order to fill your heart with love and light.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, filling your entire being. Exhale shadow or darkness. Breathe in light, exhale shadow. Breathe in light, exhale light. Release all of the darkness that you have consumed, and you must replace it with light. There is no use in holding onto the darkness that will consume your energy and thoughts. You must hold on to the light where it will lead you to the right path. The path of love and light is full of hope, faith, and trust that will empower you to start a new day. Fill your entire being with love and light as you must. The light has always been with you, but you have forgotten about it because of your own darkness. Do you see a face that is beautiful and radiant, or do you see only a face full of darkness and doubt?


Imagine Archangel Michael standing before you. A pillar of strength and righteousness. Imagine, with your inner sight, Archangel Michael standing before you, holding his sword in his hands, the tip of the sword gently touching Mother Earth. His great sword cuts through all negativity, severing all negative attachments and clearing the path before you are bathed in light. All negativity in and around you is now released into the light for healing and transmutation. No request is too great or too small.  

See or sense the bright white light seeking your heart center, gently reaching your inner core essence. As you continue to breathe in deeply, exhaling slowly, the white light begins to expand within, illuminating your entire physical and ethereal being. There is no shadow or darkness, for there is the only light in all directions. The spark of divinity within radiates outward. You must look forward ahead and focus on what is in front of you. It is you who has the ability to be free from all limitations and boundaries that have been holding you back from truly experiencing life to its fullest potential. You have the power to create any reality you want by simply choosing how you want to live your life from this moment forward.


The Light within ourselves can guide us through the darkness of life’s ups and downs. You will be able to see beyond all appearances and trust that there is always hope if you ask for it simply by opening your heart. Walk toward the path where there is nothing but love and light. You will be renewed, and you will feel more empowered than ever. In the light, there is no fear. In the light, there is only love. Forgive you, for in the light, and there is only love. Light a white candle; write your thoughts on paper. Send your thoughts and your requests to Archangel Michael upon the flame of the candle. Know all is answered in the moment of the asking. Know are loved beyond measure, beloved child, for you are the light and love.

Amanda Cooper

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