Angel Message Of The Day : Be Willing To See Beyond



Be willing to see beyond your initial perception, beyond surface appearances. When you are trying to look around you, you will initially see everything based on your senses. You have been given the sense of sight to see what is on the surface. However, know that there is always beyond what you are seeing at this moment. Do not be fooled by what is only outside, rather, seek out the true intentions and colors of each and everyone.


Be willing to see beyond preconceived ideas of what another should or should not do or say. When we were young, we were taught things that we should follow, such as how we should act and talk with people around us. We understand if you have grown into believing that there are rules we should follow when it comes to how we should act or talk. However, here is a gentle reminder to look past the usual and not judge when something is out of the normal. Remember that you should look beyond and accept things with an open heart and mind. As long as the action or delivery does not harm others, remember not to judge. 

Be willing to see beyond the limitations you place on yourself. We all have our own restrictions because of the way we grew up. However, you should also be ready to cut yourself some slack and not be too hard on yourself. Even if you have limitations you have set on yourself, please know that you should learn how to look beyond them, too. You have to put your needs first before anything else. At the same time, you should look into your actions with love and kindness for yourself. You have to give yourself compassion, too, because that is what you deserve.


Be willing to see another differently. When a person is different, they may not appear as what you are used to. However, you have to remind yourself not to judge and be willing to see beyond the “normal.” We are all the same, after all. We are all just striving to be something. Even if it is not the usual, as long as they do not cause harm to others, then please remember to open your heart and mind to it. Try to look at them with compassion and kindness. When there is love in your eyes, you will be able to see them in a different light. Remember that all of us deserve respect, love, and compassion without any doubt.


Be willing to see yourself differently. When you are doing things that are not what you expected them to be, please remember not to be too hard on yourself. You are trying, just like everyone else in this world. You deserve respect, and you do not deserve to be judged, and this should start with you, too. You have to open your heart and mind to new things. As you are still exploring yourself, it is normal that you will learn more about yourself that you have not thought of. Some of it may not be the usual or may not be what you think is right. However, as long as it is harmless and it is causing you happiness, please remember to let the restrictions go and look past them.

Be willing to see beyond that which is in front of you. You have to seek beyond just the appearances of what appears in front of you and look past them. Remember that there is more than meets the eye for everyone, and you have to keep yourself grounded. Do not judge right away so that a chance can be given where you can see past the initial appearance of someone or something. You have to let things flow on their own and not be too quick to assume.


Be willing to see beyond that which is known. Be willing to see beyond the unknown. Regardless if you are going to known or unknown territory, you have to embrace it with open arms. Continue to practice not judging and simply accept and embrace what is known and unknown. Embrace all that there is to people with an open heart and mind, including your own self.

Amanda Cooper

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