Angel Message Of The Day : Be Aware



Become quiet, breathe deeply exhaling slowly; gift yourself with releasing all your cares and worries. Always know that taking a deep breath with everything is important, so that you will be able to relax. When you take a pause with everything else, you are giving yourself the time to stop and take a breath with everything that surrounds you. You have to clear your mind of thoughts and worries, so that the clarity that you are looking for will come to you. In that way, you will be able to give yourself time to process all that is happening, and you will be able to make decisions that are true to yourself.


Gift yourself with peaceful intentions filled with radiant light. When your mind is clear, you will be able to focus on the guiding light within you. You will be able to know what should come next, and what your path will be in the following days ahead of you. You deserve the break, and it is long overdue. Give yourself the time to be the best version of yourself, so that you will be able to reset and start again. The reset is important, so that you will be able to start all over again without any worries and fears in your heart. All of the negativity does not have any place in your soul.


Gift you with loving thoughts, gentleness, with compassion. All of the good things you have been giving to the world is something that you deserve yourself. You have to know that these gifts you have been spreading all over are something you should give to yourself, too. Do not be afraid to show yourself some love, this is what you deserve after all. Know that you deserve love and light in your heart and soul.


This day is a gift to you. Everyday is indeed a gift, and this is why some call it a present. Continue to give yourself this time to help yourself relax. Be peaceful, be gentle, nurturing you this day. You deserve all the rest in the world, and you deserve all the love you have been giving. Completely give yourself in, and then surrender to the thought that you deserve all of the good things in the world, as well.


Be aware of your thoughts, your emotions, your actions. You have to take note of all of your feelings, so that you will be able to focus more on what you should prioritize. Breathe deeply; exhaling slowly releasing all that is not of love and light. You have to get rid of the bad thoughts, so that you will be able to focus more on the good stuff. Remember that letting go of these bad thoughts and emotions does not mean that you will forget them. Rather, you will be choosing to move forward with your life, so that you can manifest better things. 


Seek within you all you desire, become that which you desire. Be love, be kind, be compassionate. You have to try and get to know yourself more. Focus on the love and compassion that is within you. Those are the things you should give time for, and you have to remember to be the best version of yourself. In the quiet be willing to see beyond that which is before you. 


Be aware of where you are. Be aware of all that has come before. Be aware of all that is yet to be. You have to give it time to process your thoughts and all that you are. Let yourself have the serenity and peace you have been working on. Try to surrender to the peace of mind that you deserve. Completely give yourself in, and then exhale all of what you should remove your thoughts of. Give it time so that you will be able to exhale with love instead.


Be not afraid, breathe in radiant white light, exhale white light. Become as a feather, flowing through this day with grace and ease. When you are without these worries and fears, you will fear lighter. Then, later on, you will be able to focus on what you deserve. Try to give it your all, and then let go. Slowly, and then all at once. Be aware.

Amanda Cooper

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