Angel Message Of The Day : The Light Within

Guardian Angel of Spiritual Growth 


The light within sparkles with delight as you begin to awaken along the path before you. The light within is a beacon in the darkness guiding your steps. When you have chosen the correct path to goodness, know that the light radiates within you. It will surely shine brighter than ever when you continue to walk on the path of your journey. Remember to keep your head high while you walk towards the right path, and remember each and everything that you encounter while you are on your travels. When you are on the darkest path, you have the light to turn into. You have the light to guide you on which path you should follow and go through. You are never alone in your journey.


The light within expands, becoming brighter as you heal all that has come before. When you move forward with your journey, all that you have been through makes up who you are today. This means that you have made amends with who you were beforehand. As you forgive all of these, you will become a better and much stronger person. No longer do you have to look back in contempt. Rather, you will feel great when you are moving forward to the light. You will be able to focus on what should matter, the present. When you are focused on the present, you will be able to give yourself time to do the things you want to do. You will be able to really prioritize your goals and aspirations in your life.


The light within becomes softer with each word spoken with loving kindness. You have to spread love and light to everyone else. Remember that love is a weapon that will surely give out hope and peace to each and every one within us. When you are speaking with compassion and love, you will be able to give out warmth not only to others but to yourself, as well. Carry on with your journey with only love and light within you. There is no space for hatred and disappointments of the past. Rather, you have to give yourself a new chance to be a light to yourself and to others.


The light within gains strength with each practiced step, trusting all is well, trusting all shall be revealed in Divine time. When you trust that all will come in due time, you will learn how to let go of your fears. Trusting means surrendering it all and giving faith that all will eventually come as it should. Put your mind at ease, and trust that the light is within you.


The light within is your constant connection with Divine Source Energy. The light within is your connection to your Inner-Self. The light within is always lit. It cannot be distinguished. Continue to listen within your soul. You have to make sure that you are all ears. Remember that you have always been more than capable of carrying yourself. The light within you is evidence of that. Seek the connection of the light you are carrying, and continue to carry on with your journey. 


The light within dispels shadow or darkness. The negativity on your path and in your life will be removed. This is an important part of your journey where you will be able to let go of the things that you should no longer carry on your way. You have to let go of these things so you can make changes in how you handle yourself. You will certainly feel lighter when the guiding light has given you the right path that you should follow.


The light within you is special. You are meant for greater things, and you have always been a light to others. Continue on being the light that you are, and carry on your journey with light in your heart. Make it the core of your being so that you will be hopeful for days to come. Continue to hope that you will get what you desire soon enough. Trust that all will be well the soonest. You will be the happiest when this happens. Let yourself trust in the light within your soul.

Amanda Cooper

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