Angel Message Of The Day : Step Into The Light



Each step along the path before you is filled with many choices, distractions, light and love.  


Each step along the path before you brings the gift of choice. 


The gift in choosing is before you this present moment.  

Perhaps there is something or someone before you at this moment.  

Perhaps that which has come before this moment tempts you to pull you from where you are, from where you want to be, back to where you have already been.


Breathe deeply, exhale all doubt. 


Breathe deeply; exhale all shadows of what once was. 


Breathe deeply inhaling light and love. Exhale all that has come before.

Breathe deeply, feel your entire being release all that is not of light, release all that is not of love.  


Open your heart, mind, your Soul to all that awaits you in the light. 


Step into the light, release you from all that has come before this moment


Step into the light beloved child.


Amanda Cooper

NourishingYourSpirit, brought to you by Altrusitic Pte. Ltd., is a spiritual platform for all users to be educated and enriched with vital spiritual content that will aid them in their life's journey. Daily Astrological Forecast along with spiritual content in astrology, tarot, psychic, manifestation, etc. will be open for everyone to read. With our dedicated Amanda Cooper, spiritual enthusiast, who will bring about constant updates so that everyone can benefit through their walk in life.

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