Angel Message Of The Day : Guiding Light Of Faith

Angel of Faith 


All the days before you are illuminated with the light of Divine Source. Have faith, beloved child, for light and love shine forth from within you. You no longer have to dwell in the darkness that may consume you. Seek the love and light within you, and you shall radiate them as they have always been given to you.  


Cast out all that is not of love and light. Shadow and darkness are merely distractions that lay in wait, tempting the ego to look away from the light. There are many distractions along the way on your journey that may lead you to darkness. It is important that you know how to discern what is a distraction and what is your ultimate purpose. Do not let the darkness consume your being, and you must focus on the love and light that is within you. Seek for the light at the end of the tunnel that you are in, look for the light within. Look to the light, connect with Angels. All is well. All is in Divine Order this day.  


Be willing to see past the shadow of a doubt. Seek the path before you with anticipation and excitement. Know all is answered in the asking. It is important that you will release all of the doubts and fears in your heart and mind, as they will not do you any good. Instead, you must face every day with anticipation in your heart, seeking whatever you desire in the world. Anticipation for all your hopes and desires will lead you to brighter days ahead. Manifest all of the good things, and whatever it is your heart holds onto.

Know you are protected, loved, and supported throughout all your days. Surrender the outcome of all that lay before you. Allow the Angel of Faith to show you the way. Have faith, the gift before you may be the answer to your quest. When you give your faith, you are giving total and complete surrender to whatever comes next. Strengthen this belief, and no longer doubt that all will be well in due time


The gift before you may be an assurance all is well. The gift before you may help you choose more clearly. All that has been given to you has its own purpose, and you may not realize this yet. Embrace all of the gifts given to you, and show gratitude in all ways.  


There are no mistakes, there are no accidents. All things, people, and experiences coincide with each other creating opportunities for expansion. You must remember that all is in Divine Order, and all is in harmony as it should be. It is in the belief that everything happens for a reason that you will realize that you are at the right place at this very moment you are in. At the same time, you must trust the grand process of things, and no longer doubt what is ahead of you. 

Acknowledge the ego voice. Accept the gift with an open heart seeing all possibilities. Choose with an open heart and open mind. Faith is knowing the path before you is always illuminated with light.  There is a whole world waiting for you, and you must let yourself go. Release all of the doubts and fears that may loom in your thoughts at times. Instead, let the love and light in so that you will radiate joy, happiness, harmony, and peace. Embrace all gifts and possibilities that are given to you as they are blessings you have been seeking one way or another.


Cast your fears, doubts, and worries into the light. Love and light shall prevail for all else is an illusion. Love and light will prevail at all times, and you will no longer have to doubt in your heart. Trust the grand process, and focus on the blessings and opportunities that will come your way. You are in the right place at the right moment. Be present in all ways, and do not forget to show gratitude and appreciation for all of the good things that you will receive. Strengthen your trust and faith, and welcome all blessings with open arms. Faith is knowing all is well, all is in Divine Order.

Amanda Cooper

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