Angel Message Of The Day : Float In Total Surrender

Angel of Surrender


Float in total surrender as you ponder for a moment the question before you. What do you long for? Have you checked on yourself and evaluated what matters to you? What are you seeking at this very moment? These questions truly make a difference in how you view life as a whole. At the same time, you will realize how important it is to give in and be in the moment of full surrender to be in harmony with yourself. When it is clear what truly matters, you will get to put your priorities in check, and you will have the chance to reach what you truly desire in this world


Where in your life experience do you perceive lack? Lack, as defined in the Earthly Realm, is the absence of that which you desire. Perceived lack is from thoughts of fear, fear of not having, fear of not being, and fear of being less than. When you are full of fear, you are crippled by the idea that you are not good enough or strong enough to achieve your goals. This idea will not only cripple you, but these thoughts will fester your whole being. Do not let them.


Any thought, emotion, or action that is not based on love, love of the self, or loving thoughts towards yourself and others is an attempt by the ego to distract you from all that is. There is only love. When there is nothing but love, you will no longer be diverted into things that should no longer matter to you. You have to focus on things that will bear fruit and will nurture your heart and soul. On the other hand, things that will only bear hatred or hurt should no longer have space in your mind. These thoughts will only serve as a distraction, and it is best if you will release these emotions.

Imagine for a few moments floating effortlessly in a fluffy white cloud while Angels are all around you. Float in the cloud, feel the softness, feel loving energy all around and within you. Feel every thought and every emotion fall from you. Float in total surrender. When you are in total surrender, you will feel the warmth and love of all that surrounds you. You will feel secure and content, and you will no longer have to stray away from your goals and aspirations. At the same time, all the negativity will be released into the abyss, never to be looked at again. Focus only on the softness and ardor feeling of love and light. You should let yourself feel all of the greatness there is.


We are not suggesting you give it all away. We are suggesting you float in total serenity. Float in total surrender that all is well, all is in Divine Order, floating in total surrender with an open heart and an open mind. When you float in serenity, you will feel the love and security you have been longing for. You just have to trust that all will bear fruit in time. At the same time, you have to accept all that there is to come. Embrace the what could have been, the what ifs, and what is next in your life. There is more for you soon enough, but you have to give and surrender to the forces of nature. You have to let it go. Open yourself to Divine Source Energy. Open yourself to your true essence, to your connection with all there is. 

Float in total surrender, allowing Divine Love and Light to flow through you and around you illuminating every cell in your physical being and projecting outward, touching all you come into contact with this moment and the next and the next. The love and light will radiate through you, and you shall let them nurture your soul so that nothing will take hold of you any longer. You will no longer let fear nor hatred, and any other negativity take space in your heart and soul. Release them all at once and never let them in once again. Surrender fear, for it is not rooted in love. It is not rooted in light. Float in total surrender.

Amanda Cooper

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