Angel Message Of The Day : Light Of Divine Grace

Guardian Angel of Service, 


It’s time to acknowledge that being of service now also means having the capacity to accept help from others where previously there was none. Your new path is one of learning and growth, where you can advance and become the best version of yourself. It’s time to give up on seeking other people’s approval because you’ve already received so much. You have to accept responsibility for the decisions you make as your only remaining option. The most potent being in all of existence is your parent, and He loves you without conditions. He has given you a gift that no one else on this earth possesses: your free will. The power with which you use it is up to you alone, but it will be used wisely or sadly misused as it has been since creation began. If you choose wisely, then this whole world will be at your feet as if it had never existed before now.

Do you ever feel as though you’re putting in too much effort? You have this huge bucket of obligations that you’ve been asked to take on, but you can’t seem to fit them all in. There’s a rationale behind that. Your bucket is already full, not because you lack the capacity or ability to do it. And once it’s full, nothing else can go in. If your bucket is already full, you cannot be of service. Only when your bucket is completely empty can you be of service. Give yourself permission to look after yourself to empty your bucket. Give yourself the go-ahead to stop doing things that aren’t making you happy and begin engaging in happier activities. Give yourself permission to spend time with people who make you smile and laugh without fear of judgment or disappointment. Give yourself permission to let go of what others think about how well or badly they’ve done something. And most importantly—give yourself permission to always remember that being able to accept others’ gifts unconditionally isn’t a character flaw; it’s part of being a good human being 


Being of service entails being ready to accept gifts of service from people who have discovered a desire to serve when there wasn’t one before. It entails acknowledging that you can develop personally, that you don’t have to stick with your old habits, and that you can pick up knowledge from those around you. It entails being open to taking advice from people with much more experience than you. It entails letting go of your outdated beliefs and preconceived notions about what it means to be sympathetic, compassionate, and loving toward another person. It entails putting your ego aside so that you can truly serve as a conduit for love for others.

Let us all be of service to the world. Let us seek out opportunities to serve others and give of ourselves in ways that are meaningful, significant, and valuable. When we recognize the gift of service in others, we find it easier to welcome their presence in our lives. We know that when we open our hearts and minds to them, they will reciprocate our desire for love and acceptance with a desire for service. Graciously accepting gifts of service from another is being of service. 

Be willing to gift another by accepting that which is being offered to you. 


You have a gift, and you can give it to the world.  You can help people who are hurting, or you can provide a service that will make a difference. There are many ways to give back to the world, but the most important thing is that you’re willing to accept gifts of service from another. When someone offers you something in return for your time and effort, be willing to accept it. Even if it seems small at first glance, there may be more value than you realize. Let this be an opportunity for you to practice being of service in any way possible. When you do this, your life will feel fuller and richer than ever before.

I want to remind you as you start your day that being of service means giving of thy Self without conditions. This day, accept the gifts of service that are being offered to you and shine the Light of Divine Grace. You are a gift to the world, and the only way we can truly be happy is to help someone else. Allow yourself to soak up the good vibes of those around you as you go about your day today. This will make you more at ease and receptive to receiving what is right now required of you or others. Leave quietly. Everything is fine today.

Amanda Cooper

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