Angel Message Of The Day : Purity And Truth

Angel of Mercy 

Be merciful on this day.  From now on, we must be kind to one another. Being robbed of your compassion may change your lifestyle, but it will open up a whole new universe to you. Take into account their emotions.

Be merciful with your beloved one for there is much before you on this day. You must admit your flaws. Maintaining a state of dissatisfaction, resentment, or forgiving toward oneself may be exceedingly detrimental (mentally, emotionally, and physically), and you must let go of the past that has damaged you in order to have a better tomorrow.

Be merciful in thought, be merciful in deed. Be considerate to those around you, especially your family, by assisting them with household activities or thoughts that may need to be addressed or understood by one another.

Be merciful with others. Those who possess and display an inclination toward love, forgiveness, and compassion will receive the same.

Judge not lest ye be judged. Judging righteously implies judging rightly; and judging rightly, in its most profound sense, is judging according to the divine truth of being, in which everyone’s actual selfhood is recognized to be spiritual, reflecting the graces of our creator, divine Love.

Forgive first yourself, forgiveness for others shall follow. It entails giving up any desire for retribution or revenge. Forgiveness is something we do for ourselves and our own good, rather than for the good of those who have mistreated us.

Be generous; grace others with a smile, a kind word, a kind thought. Because we are human, we make mistakes. When we make mistakes, we can be kind to ourselves and others. This includes thinking before saying, forgiving before seeking vengeance, and focusing on long-term connections rather than short-term pride.

Be compassionate in all you say and do this day. You must be kind to others and encourage them to be as joyful about their accomplishment as you are about your own.

Express the Divine Light within with grace and ease. You must empower the recipient to do and be things that he or she cannot do or be if left to his or her own devices. Making daily decisions to interact with others with courtesy and friendliness. That doesn’t mean you ignore boundaries, but it does mean you give yourself permission to be flexible with your seen reality through acceptance and love.

Be willing to see beyond the surface of physical manifestation for many seeds have been planted in your name. You must express your emotion or sensation, or something that has been theoretically rendered tangible. Manifestation has its roots in religion and spirituality since it is thought to be a manifestation when something spiritual becomes real. The term’s application has broadened to include many aspects of life.

Seek your truth; speaking your truth from your heart center. You must communicate your desires, opinions, boundaries, and even your convictions to people without hesitation and in a way that others can understand. This is typically done in a critical situation or relationship, or when the stakes appear to be great.

Seek first for yourself, all else falls into place before you. Sometimes you just have to be selfish on your own and need to know your wants before understanding theirs because their needs may differ from yours and fall apart.

Step around the many pebbles which seek to cause you to stumble along the path before you. Sometimes you have to go beyond your desire in order to achieve your inner purpose in life, even if the way ahead of you or others around you are stumbling.

Dwell not upon what was, see beyond what is, to what is manifesting all around you. Seek and you shall find and you shall be found. You simply have to look beyond your ability to create your life goals and be willing to transcend your fear of what others may think of you and seek your own first.

Ask and it shall be granted. You must seek what your wishes and needs may be granted; it may not be the one you ask for, but it is sometimes the one you do not anticipate to happen.

Knock and all shall be opened before you. Knock (and keep knocking) and the door will be opened for you. Everyone who asks (and keeps asking) receives. Whoever seeks (and continues to seek) finds. The door will be opened for whoever knocks (and continues to knock). That request conveys humility, an inferior seeking assistance from a superior.

Seek that which is truth wrapped in Divine Light. It is the absolute truth about the universe and everything within it, as seen through the eyes of our creator. He defined Divine Truth as non-religious, noting, “It is always rational, it is always scientific, it is always mathematical in its nature.”

Step into the light because there is no darkness or shade.

There is nothing except love and light surrounding you.

Amanda Cooper

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