Chakra For Thought : Root Chakra

Meaning of the Root Chakra

The root chakra is the first chakra in the chakra system of the human body. This chakra carries earth energy and is related with a sense of security and anchoring. It is located at the base of the chakra system and serves as the basis for life growth.
Because of its feminine nature, the root chakra is also known as Muladhara chakra. Muladhara chakra is the first of the seven chakras that run down the spine’s base. It regulates the lower body’s functions, including the lower back, lower spine, kidneys, and bladder.

It controls your survival instincts and your self-assurance from a psychological standpoint. It assists you in deciding whether to fight or retreat. The physical body and its relationship to the Earth are related with the root chakra. It prioritizes the necessities of survival, such as food, shelter, safety, and a feeling of comfort and belonging, much like a foundation.


Color of the Root Chakra

The root chakra is usually represented by a deep vermilion red hue. Its petals are filled with the color used on its sign. The color gold or yellow has traditionally been connected with the root chakra. Red is a hue that awakens a person’s innate instincts and signifies power and vigor in the chakra’s color range.

The color red is often thought to be related with the root chakra. The root chakra is often related with the hues grey, black, and brown, according to energy healers. Of the seven chakras, the root chakra is the densest. The root chakra’s primary color is red, which is also the densest of all chakra colors. In terms of wavelengths, red is the slowest hue in the visible spectrum, but it’s also the most thrilling.

This hue pushes the retina forward, directing your whole attention and energy outward. As a result, stop signs and stop lights are painted red. This chakra’s hue attracts people’s attention. It draws attention to the threat so that prompt action may be taken. The color red is also associated with the life energy. It’s the color of blood, and it’s the first color you come into contact with when you’re born. Red also symbolizes vitality and your connection to the Earth.


Red is associated with the adrenal glands, whose function is similar to that of the “fight or flight” reaction. This is the body’s natural survival mechanism. People who are attracted to the colors appreciate being in their body and on this planet. They have the ability to slow down, relax, and remain calm and silent. They are in excellent physical condition and maintain a healthy body weight. They have a lot of physical vigor and energy. On the negative side, when the red chakra energy is out of balance, people may feel detached from their body. Obesity, inflammation, sluggishness, irritability, sadness, cramping, and eating problems are all common among them.


Red color chakra is manly, gregarious, and active on a cerebral level. It may, however, be overbearing and oppressive. This hue grabs attention and draws people in since it’s both ambitious and practical. The energy of the red root chakra promotes focus and clarity of thought. It assists you in setting and prioritizing objectives, as well as providing assistance to help you overcome obstacles. When there isn’t enough red chakra energy in your life, it leads to a lack of concentration. You’ll also get unorganized as a result of it. It often leads to pessimism and limited thinking.


The energy of rage is associated with the red chakra color on an emotional level. The red chakra’s role is to help you cope with your anger and change it into something positive. Righteous fury, love, or passion are the outcomes of red energy in your body. It instills in you a sense of adventure and resolve, as well as a zest for life. However, when there is too much or too little red energy, it causes rage or frustration. You develop resentment and melancholy as a result of this.


Red color chakra generates energy and passion, movement, and transformation on a spiritual level. The color red is associated with activity. It agitates, arouses, and encourages you to make a difference. It’s the color of development, revolution, and movement. It instills in you a sense of bravery and courage, as well as love. Its energy motivates you to reinforce your commitments and to have faith in others and the universe’s plans for you. When it comes to red hue chakra energy, however, there are certain difficulties. It makes you obstinate and hesitant to adapt or broaden your horizons. It might also make you feel as though you’ve lost touch with your inner self or soul.


The energy of the red color chakra cannot be discussed without mentioning its ability to bring plenty, success, and financial wellness. After all, it’s the primary hue associated with success and manifestation. Bring redder into your life to enhance your prosperity if you feel like you need a raise or want to be more financially independent!


Symbol for the Root Chakra

The symbol for the root chakra is a four-petaled lotus flower. A circle with four petals and a downward-pointing triangle is often used to represent it. The downward-pointing triangle represents the connection between spirit and matter, anchoring you to the earth, your earthly life, and your body. It’s said to be the source of your life power. It’s the seat where kundalini remains latent and coiled until it’s awakened and its powers are disseminated throughout the body.

chakra for thought : root chakra
chakra for thought : root chakra

Location of the Root Chakra

The pelvic plexus, the first three vertebrae, and the perineum are all complemented by the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is typically shown as a cone of energy that begins at the base of the spine, descends, and then bends upwards slightly.


The Root Chakra’s Characteristics and Traits

The root chakra is linked to feelings of safety and security. It speaks to survival and the need of meeting a person’s fundamental necessities. It refers to your physique, as well as your physical identity and bodily characteristics. The root chakra gives anchoring and stability, as well as assisting in the formation of a solid basis for living. When you’re investigating many facets of life, it helps you develop and feel comfortable.

The root chakra is where you attach your energy into the manifest world and ground yourself to the soil. You may feel sluggish and trapped if your root chakra is obstructed. You’re also always stressed because you feel you should depend on external factors. When the root chakra is out of balance, you will have ongoing financial issues and will be forced to work in a less-than-ideal job. You also feel as if you’ve been abandoned, and you’re continually under the impression that all you have to do is scrape by or do without. You also dislike your appearance and believe that you are unfit.

You are closely linked to your friends and family when the root chakra is free and open. You’ll feel loved, treasured, and desired as a consequence. You’re happy with your appearance and confident in your financial situation. You have the feeling that you are a part of something bigger, and that you will always have enough when you need or want it.

What Causes an Imbalance in the Root Chakra?

A root chakra imbalance may be caused by a variety of factors. Birth trauma, physical neglect, abandonment, or a lack of physical connection with your mother are all examples of this. It may also be caused by malnutrition or feeding issues. A major operation or sickness, as well as a harsh relationship and physical abuse, may all contribute to it. It may also be caused by hereditary trauma or enema abuse.


What happens when your Root Chakra is overactive?

Overactive root chakra symptoms may have a severe impact on your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You feel at comfortable, in control, and grounded when your root chakra is healthy and balanced. When the chakra is out of harmony, it is easy to feel irritated with others and impatient with circumstances. You snap and become materialistic as a result of your rage.

Excessive attachments form when the root chakra is excessively open, causing stiffness in your body and conduct. You might grow fixated on your material goods or your health to the point that you can’t modify or let go of them. As a consequence, you’ll find yourself repeating the same routines, doing the same tasks, and following the same patterns.

Anemia, tiredness, constipation, and bladder issues are some of the physical indications of an activated chakra. Short temper, rage, belligerence, impatience, and greediness are some of the most prevalent non-physical signs.

On an emotional level, the root chakra’s imbalances or inadequacies are linked to negativity. They also have something to do with greed, avarice, deception, and eating disorders. There are many uneasy sentiments, and a lot of energy is spent on surviving. If your root chakra is out of balance, it will be difficult for you to feel secure in the world since everything and everyone seems like a potential threat.

The urge for security is strong, and this manifests itself in worries about your career, your health, your house, or your physical safety. Fear-based habits might emerge as a result of a blocked root chakra. Fear may morph into paranoia or greed when the root chakra is hyperactive. These are the most severe symptoms of a root chakra imbalance. It is linked to issues with food management, food consumption, and diet.

A dependent personality, a weak ego structure, or an identity crisis may also be present. You’ll be more prone to accidents, anxious, confused, suspicious, afraid, and uncomfortable if your chakra is hyperactive. You’re always in survival mode, and your anxieties are crippling you. You have cold feet at significant times in your life and, for the most part, you feel like a coward.

Masochistic, insecure, disinterested, withdrawn, and uncommitted tendencies are common. You may also be forgetful, undisciplined, worried, and restless at times. You can become masochistic and have a low level of confidence. When things finally goes right, you can’t help but feel dismal about the situation or have second thoughts. You have inadequate or weak boundaries, and you often have money problems. You have little desire for sex and suffer from chronic disorganization.

When the root chakra is out of balance, you feel alienated from your body and find it difficult to concentrate and control yourself. You believe you will never be able to fulfill your objectives and settle down with anything or someone. You can’t help but feel as though you don’t fit in. Chakra healing may assist with difficulties and restore balance if your root chakra is hyperactive.

Simple modifications in your nutrition, lifestyle, or emotional and mental reactions, depending on the degree of the imbalance, may help restore balance to the root chakra, particularly if you’re dealing with an overactive chakra.

The Most Common Symptoms of a Blocked Root Chakra

  • You don’t feel at ease, stable, or like you belong when your root chakra is blocked.
  • A blocked root chakra not only causes energy flow to be disrupted throughout the body, but it also causes restlessness. As though you’re always on the lookout for something you can’t quite place.
  • People with a blocked root chakra have a hard time deciding where they want to live or work, as well as who they want to spend the rest of their life with.
  • There’s also a lot of co-dependency and a lack of concentration. You also get a sense of being alone and abandoned.


In 11 Easy Steps, Heal Your Root Chakra

1. Become a part of your surroundings.

The root chakra is all about a sense of security and stability. The key to fostering safety and stability is to have a healthy connection with your surroundings. The root chakra balance is influenced by how you feel in your surroundings, from your house to your town to your nation.


2. Make a deep connection with the earth.

You must connect to the soil if you want to fix your root chakra imbalance. Go outdoors and stroll barefoot on the grass or sow seeds with your hands in the dirt. Sodalite may also assist you in connecting with the environment. These are just few instances of how you might individually connect with the earth element. It will aid in the opening of the root chakra, allowing you to have a more grounded and consistent energy flow.

If you don’t have a garden, go for a stroll in the park and pay attention to every step. Feel your feet making contact with the earth. Make it a daily routine. Plants will also bring the earth closer to you if you add them to your immediate surroundings. You may also imagine a red light grounding cable connecting your root chakra to the earth’s core.


3. Increase your physical exercise.

The quality of your physical presence and the sensation of being alive in your body are governed by the root chakra. Any kind of action, no matter how great or tiny, helps the root chakra heal. Any action involving your legs and feet will be quite beneficial. When you connect with your vital energy, you also connect with the root chakra’s strength and benefit from tremendous anchoring action.

4. Understand the notion of self-reliance and use it to overcome emotions of uneasiness.

Reinforce your confidence that you’ll be OK in this world and that you’ll be able to obtain what you need when you need it. You may quickly cure your blocked root chakra if you are self-reliant, confident, and aware of your resourcefulness.


5. Figure out what your genuine needs and desires are.

To repair your root chakra, you must first understand what you actually need and desire to be in your life. When it comes to the people you want to work with, the area you want to live in, and the people you want to be with, this will drive your choices and course of action. When you don’t have this level of awareness, you’re more likely to lose out on possibilities that may improve your life and to be persuaded by the views of others.

You must gain mental clarity via introspection in order to realize what you genuinely desire in life. Take some time to reflect on your own life and listen to some sound advise. Pay attention to the limiting thoughts you hold about yourself and believe in your ability to change for the better.


6. Change your perspective from one of scarcity to one of personal plenty.

Restoring your trust in your capacity to care for yourself and satisfy your fundamental needs is the goal of root chakra healing. Shifting your focus from worldly riches to inner and non-material abundance is a key part of mending your root chakra. Consider the various sorts of riches you have, such as your family, friends, and your capacity to appreciate the simple joys, instead of worrying about how much money you have in your bank account!

If you’re having difficulties with this, try some meditation and sink into it while focusing on the root chakra symbol. Accept new ideas and worries with appreciation and move on – keep your attention on the root chakra symbol. As your mind runs out of worries and fears to offer to you, you’ll notice that your root chakra fills you with a warm, almost tingling feeling of optimism and confidence.

However, that confidence is tinged with humility, since it stems from a belief that there is enough for everyone, rather than not enough. After a while, you’ll realize that life isn’t about scraping by for what you can, but about seeing the possibilities that are most likely to link you to the abundance you and your loved ones deserve. You can’t go wrong if you trust your root chakra to lead you to these times.


7. You will actualize your thoughts and feelings.

It’s vital to remember that the exterior environment frequently mirrors what’s going on within you while you’re trying to repair the root chakra. Your concept of resourcefulness and inner equilibrium affects your perception of what it means to be rich and fortunate in the physical world. Your power to manifest your state of being into the physical world is determined by your state of being. The root chakra governs our connection to this planet, reminding us that no matter how spiritual we grow, we must still utilize our spiritual skills to navigate a physical world.

Meditating while concentrating on the root chakra is a powerful technique of not just strengthening that connection, but also unleashing much of the root chakra’s own counsel and wisdom. If you want to be resourceful but are having trouble coming up with ideas, connecting to this chakra may assist. This chakra will also give you the courage to pursue those possibilities that come along unexpectedly, sometimes putting us on the defensive.

For example, if you are the type who will not pursue a new job opportunity unless you have an up-to-date portfolio to back it up, the root chakra can assist you in acting in the moment while maintaining a level head. Understanding that deeds equal spiritual progress, and that no spiritual growth equals no root chakra energy integration, is an important lesson to remember here.


8. Use aromatherapy to help you relax.

Aromatherapy is a great way to bring your root chakra back into balance. To balance and ground yourself, use essential oils with earthy and floral scents. Rosemary, myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli, and ylang-ylang are among them. There are many additional solutions available, but these are among the most highly suggested.

However, you may always perform your own study into aromatherapy for your 1st chakra, and you might be amazed at how many options there are. That’s because the root chakra is the one that most ties us to physical reality, and it’s difficult to resist being present in the moment when you have fragrances flooding your nose. How many times have you struggled to focus because of an unpleasant odor?

It’s safe to assume you behaved instinctively to avoid it at the time! A simple fragrance, on the other hand, may transport us to another location and even evoke childhood memories. A mere scent might conjure up memories of your grandmother’s cooking, a vacation to the seashore, or the scruffy fur of a long-lost pet. Because of how it tethers you to the real world, the root chakra links well with your sense of smell – the precise energy it need to function at its best.

9. Eat meals that are good for the root chakra.

Each chakra has its own set of vibrational frequencies, colors, and functions, as well as certain foods that may aid increase the function of that chakra. Add more red-colored foods to your diet if you want to focus on the root chakra. Beets, rainbow chard, pork, beans, eggs, tofu, soy, and parsnips are all examples.

The red chakra represents our connection to our bodies and to the Earth as a whole. It’s no wonder, therefore, that adding so much hearty, rustic cuisine helps the root chakra the most! If you have the chance, go to a farmer’s market or any kind of community gathering where you’ll be surrounded by plenty of aromas and exciting new cuisines — street food festivals and international food festivals are especially great for this.

Connect to your root chakra – a simple statement like “I am connected to my root chakra and understand its demands” might assist – and see if it leads you to specific foods or beverages. Don’t worry if they don’t turn out to be red at all! What important is that your chakra is assisting you in determining what you need to be your best. Even better, you could uncover a delectable new dish or kind of cuisine you’d never tried before!


10. dance

Simply move your body while listening to your favorite music. Allow your body to get completely immersed in the music. One of the most effective methods to balance the root chakra is to dance. Turn up the music and sing along to enhance this exercise because singing also cleanses the throat chakra!

While we may consider dancing to be only a kind of entertainment or, at best, a method to meet new people while out and about, moving our bodies to rhythm has ancient and spiritual origins that date back to the start of civilization. There have been people prepared to dance to a rhythm for as long as there has been a beat – which makes sense when you consider why it’s healthy for your root chakra.

A beat is a rhythmic tapping of one physical item against another. The interaction of two physical items is as physical as it gets: they bounce off one another, confirming their physicality. Maybe dancing is just a recognition of that on a primal level – and one that the root chakra is happy to groove to!


11. Shower if you haven’t already.

Showering is a great way to cleanse your root chakra. Being totally present when taking a bath allows you to accept and enjoy your physique. You may also use other root chakra stones – which we will discuss momentarily – to aid the flow of energy, which will be attracted by the movement of your body and the water in your bathroom.

So much the better if you prefer a relaxing bath over a quick shower. Place a few of these crystals and a few candles around the outside and take as much time as you want to enjoy the sensation of the water and its warmth. It may seem decadent, even self-indulgent, but there is a spiritual reason behind it. After all, the root chakra is associated with the body and our physical life, and connecting to physical existence via appealing stimuli that foster relaxation is often recommended.

You may be amazed at how soothing and invigorating water can be, whether in the bath or the shower. Making time for yourself in this way is extremely important, especially if you’ve been feeling down, aimless, and burned out. To say nothing of yourself, these are all signs of a root chakra in need of some TLC.


Stones for the Root Chakra

Chakra cleansing with crystals and healing stones is quite common. When there is an excess or deficit in the chakra, these stones contain vibrational frequencies that help restore equilibrium. Although it’s typical to choose stones that are the same color as the chakra, this isn’t always required. Even stones of a different hue will function if their vibrational frequency matches that of the chakra.


The following are the most common stones and crystals for root chakra healing (they are generally red):

Red Carnelian is a stone that may be used to improve bravery and strength, as well as cleanse, unclog, and energize.

The ring bringer is a stone known as red jasper. It also has potent balancing and purifying properties.

Bloodstone is a stone that repels negativity and boosts self-esteem. It has excellent cleaning and balancing energies as well.

Black Tourmaline may be utilized to balance and cleanse the root chakra, as well as for spiritual anchoring.

Black Obsidian is a protective stone that may also aid in the restoration of chakra alignment and balance, particularly in the root chakra.

These chakra stones may simply be used in a therapeutic configuration over your root chakra. Make a circular pattern that resembles the form of an energy wheel. These root chakra stones will aid in the opening of the energy in this part of your body if the root chakra is obstructed or stuck.

Once you’re at ease, seek advice, listen carefully, and trust the information you’ll get. Check to see whether there’s anything from your past that’s preventing you from moving forward right now. Remove the stones once you feel you’ve received some important information from your higher self, and jot down what you’ve learned in your journal.

You can either rinse your root chakra stones under running water or sage them with smoke. Place them in their cases or wherever you choose to put them. When you wish to access information in your body to aid you with your own healing and root chakra healing, place your root chakra stones on your body.

You can use a variety of techniques to open up and balance your chakras. Use the root chakra healing approach that seems most comfortable to you, and look into other options that could help as well. What matters is that you get to the heart of who you are as a person. You are a formidable opponent!

Allow yourself time and space to become anchored in both yourself and the land. The earth is the common thread that binds everyone and everything. While you’re healing yourself and your chakras, don’t forget to heal the planet you live on. When you’re mending, consider if you have all you need to live peacefully.

Examine your financial situation and the areas of your life where you are continuously suffering. Are you content with your present living situation? Do the people in your life provide you with the support you require? Do you have a strong connection with your natural surroundings?

Set your objectives, particularly if you sense an impending attack and wish to defend yourself. Trust in yourself and your abilities to ensure that you and your loved ones will be safe no matter what happens. The meaning and vibrational frequency of each healing chakra stone is unique. The key is to understand how to utilize these stones and to match the right one to the damaged chakra. When cleansed and charged chakra stones are placed near the affected chakra, they are most effective and powerful. They’re frequently worn as jewelry or put directly on the chakra that’s been blocked. However, there are numerous ways to incorporate these healing chakra stones into your environment and lifestyle.



When it comes to the root chakra, you should endeavor to feel secure, fearless, and anchored. Because it maintains you physically robust and fit, a healthy, balanced, and open root chakra is a fantastic gift. You also have a sense of being connected, grounded, and stable. You are inspired and motivated, and you can honestly say that you are at ease.

You don’t break and fall apart when something unexpected occurs. Your faith is strong, and you have confidence that things will work out in the end. You will feel nourished, adored, and treasured when the root chakra is balanced. You’re comfortable precisely where you are, and you have a deeper and more intimate relationship with the world. Stop and take a look about you if you’re going through a difficult moment right now and finding it difficult to develop in trust, security, and stability.

What you’re looking for is most likely there in front of you, but you simply don’t know where to look. You’re most likely looking at the branches when you should be looking at the roots. Simply focus your energies on the current moment and direct them to your root chakra. Try performing activities that will help you awaken your root chakra and notice a significant shift in your personality.

The root chakra is the most important of the chakras. Maintaining the root chakra’s balance provides a stable platform for the other chakras to expand. It’s similar like preparing the foundation for a home where you want to dwell for a long time. A sturdy foundation that is deeply and securely buried in the earth will provide the physical stability and security that your home requires.

When the foundation is solid, you won’t have to worry about the house falling in the worst weather. You have the ability to construct a home that will be filled with love and pleasure for many years. The root chakra is made up of whatever anchors you to a sense of security, permanency, and stability. Water, food, shelter, and safety are among your basic needs, as are emotional needs such as letting go of your fears.

The root chakra is seen as a source of energy for all of the other chakras. If it’s blocked or imbalanced, the rest of your chakras are likely to be similarly obstructed or unbalanced. A balanced root chakra is necessary for a healthy and open chakra system. As you tap into your own sustainable energy through a balanced root chakra, you’ll start to feel more confident, secure, and physically alive. You will experience tranquility when the root chakra is aligned. Your life will feel comfortable, steady, and relaxing.

A well-balanced root chakra will also provide you with the feeling of security that you need to attempt new things. When anything in your life does not seem stable, the root chakra may rapidly become misaligned or obstructed. If you’re worried about something, such as money or bills, it’ll affect your root chakra. Even if the issue is fictitious, it has the potential to block the passage of energy to this chakra!

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