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You are a compassionate and enlightened being who came to this world to aid and direct others on their respective paths. It is up to you to spread the gift of mercy that has been given to you with the rest of the world. You must first realize that compassion is the essence of your Soul in order to accomplish this. You think and feel from a place of mercy. Compared to those who have experienced less in life, those who have been touched by compassion and mercy are more likely to be kind, empathetic, and understanding.


Your heart is the seed of loving kindness. It has the capacity to develop into mercy, compassion, and tender kindness. Your heart contains seeds of compassion, mercy, and loving kindness that can blossom into magnificent things. If you let them take root and develop, they have the potential to improve your life. Knowing what you want from life is the first step. You might not have an immediate response to the question, “How do I want my life to be?” but don’t worry. If you can’t at first, that’s okay. Simply keep asking yourself this until you begin to understand the answer. then start moving in the direction of making it happen.

Many seeds have been planted with each step along the journey. There are many types of seeds; seeds of discontent, seeds of desire, seeds of lack, seeds of faith; seeds of love, seeds of judgment, seeds of empathy, seeds of mercy, and even the seed of joy. When the soil was fertile and ready for planting, we began to plant our trees by choosing a seed that had been dormant in our hearts for a long time. We dug up roots from dark places that had long been forgotten by us. But remember—each step you take is a new beginning. There is no wrong or right way to walk your path. You only have to do what is best for you at this moment in time.


Your spiritual garden is nurtured by love, light, forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance. Accepting others means accepting yourself. Accepting yourself means accepting others. No matter what has occurred in the past or what might occur in the future, you are deserving of love and respect. There are many people who care about you and would give their lives to ensure your happiness and health. I also implore you to think about the words “I am not my own; no one owns me but God” as you gaze out over your garden today.

It is impossible to love another person without first loving oneself. Do you ever speak ill of yourself? How can you communicate with others in a loving manner? The opposite is also true: in order to truly see oneself, one must first fully understand others. One must first come to know their own heart and, by extension, their own needs and desires before they can understand how to love others or what it means to be loved. Understanding our own needs is the first step toward understanding others’; realizing our own desires is the first step toward realizing what would make someone else happy or bring joy into their life. Self-love is the first step towards self-knowledge, and self-knowledge leads us back into relationships with others.


It’s time to step back and consider the overall picture. This also involves your life; it isn’t just about ours. We don’t ask you to ignore what is going on in your immediate surroundings. We kindly request that you acknowledge everything around you and choose to look beyond outward appearances. We ask that you see beyond the beauty of the world around you and instead concentrate on what is truly important: those who have been harmed or damaged by their circumstances; those who are dealing with mental illness; those who are experiencing poverty; and those whose voices go unheard or unacknowledged because they are not deemed deserving of attention by society at large. When we forget about ourselves in favor of caring for others, we become better people. When we give up our own needs in order to make someone else’s life better, it makes us stronger in our own right. It honors those whom we’ve chosen not just as our loved ones but also as our equals—no more.

Your garden of spirit is not something that you can grow by simply tending to it. It is a reflection of how you choose to live your life and how you interact with others. The more deeply rooted your faith and relationships are, the better you will be able to tend your garden with loving care.  How shall you choose to tend your Garden of Spirit this day? By praying for others and giving them space to be their true selves; by being present for yourself and allowing yourself time alone; by remembering that everyone needs healing from time to time; by listening more than talking; by letting go of what isn’t working so that you can focus on what matters most; by being grateful for all that you have in this moment and having faith that everything will work out as intended.

Amanda Cooper

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