Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Direction

Archangel Jehudiel 


Energy swirls around you in great gusts, gently caressing your skin, nudging you ever so slightly, or carrying you forward by leaps and bounds.  You are aware that the energy is there, but it isn’t something you can see with your eyes or touch with your hands. It’s an invisible force that exists all around everyone. The same goes for energy. You can feel its effects on your body and mind, but you can’t always see it with your eyes. You have an innate connection with the wind that you can use to improve your life in some way. Whether you want to hear what it has to say or simply want to feel its gentle caress on your skin, there are ways to interact with the wind that will help you feel more connected to the natural world around you.


It matters not how, when, or the speed with which you journey along your path. A journey is a path or course of travel by someone or something from a starting point to an endpoint. A journey may also be the distance traveled by the traveler in getting from the starting point to the destination. The only difference is how long it will take you to get there and what path you choose to get there. It is not important at all how far away your destination may be or how long it will take to arrive there. What matters is that you keep walking toward it because it is always closer than it appears at first glance, and often much closer than we think it will ever be.

Know there will be pebbles and branches to tug at your feet, thoughts, emotions, and circumstances which create that which appear to be detoured. Know that all of these are simply opportunities for you to learn something new at this moment. There are times when you must walk over pebbles and branches that tug at your feet. There will be moments of doubt and uncertainty when you feel as if you are taking detours from your intended path. If you get stuck or want to know where the next step is, ask for help from someone who knows their way around the path.

Detours are opportunities to slow down, breathe, adjust, communicate, reach out; purge inner stresses. You may feel like you’re making wrong turns, going in circles, or heading down a dead-end path. It can be hard to see what the Divine One is doing amid your confusion and distress. However, It’s important to remember that even when it seems like we’re going nowhere fast, the Divine One is always working on your behalf. The Universe will give you signs if you pay attention; these signs may come in many different forms: signs from nature, synchronistic events, coincidences, intuition, and so on. However, it will go on what feels right for you.


Many are the challenges in the physical realm. Many have fallen into the traps of life and have lost their way, but there is always hope. Hold on to your Divine Direction as this is a call to seek the Divine One’s guidance for your life and all of life. This is about the way it will lead you through life. It is not about getting what you want, but rather about doing what the divine one wants you to do and trusting it to bring you where it wants you. The answer lies within each one of us. It is within our hearts that we find the answers we need


Challenges are ever-present, and harmony is ever-present. Sometimes it can be really difficult to cope with the challenges that life presents to everyone. You may face difficult challenges in life and there will be times that you will lose hope in facing them. However, you must lift your head as harmony will always be there. No matter how hard life can be, never give up, no matter how hard things seem to get, and never give up on yourself or your dreams because this is what separates those who dream and those who do. There will always be a reason why it happened and everything will still be aligned in a better path.


In those instances, as you find yourself while seeming chaos, reach through all that would direct you away from your Divine Direction of love and light.  When you can focus on the Divine Direction within your heart, then you will be able to see through the confusion to make choices that bring peace to your soul. Reach through all that would direct you toward control, manipulation, or domination. Stay focused on your Divine Direction of love and light because it is there for you at every moment if only you will look upon it with open eyes and an open heart. Always be aware of what it is within you that wants to come out. Once you are aware of this desire within you, then it becomes easy to follow its lead.


Beloved child all is well this day and all is in Divine Order. Your path has been marked out for you from the beginning of time but only now do you see it clearly before you. You have been chosen for a reason, Beloved child and it is time for you to come into your power and shine brightly as the Divine Child that you are! You were born into this world because there was something important that needed to be done by you, something that only you could do at this time. 


All is occurring in Divine Perfection. The Divine is all-knowing, all-loving, and all-powerful. It knows what you are doing right now and if you are doing it right or wrong. It is not judging you, but it will help you to see how you can improve your life. It wants you to grow as spiritual beings so that you can experience more joy in your life. However, if you can step back for a moment and see things from the perspective of Divine Perfection, then you will realize that everything is unfolding exactly as it should be. This doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen or that there isn’t suffering in the world, but it does mean that there is always an opportunity for growth, learning, and healing when we allow ourselves to be open to receiving these gifts from Spirit.


Light a candle of deep indigo blue; imagine all your cares, all your worries, all that is not of love and light, to be consumed by the light of the flame. Allow yourself to feel your highest self. Feel into your core self. Feel into your heart space. Feel into the place where you know what is right for you and what is not right for you. Write down any insights that come up in response to your reflection on your experience in the earthly realm. This will help you out on how you can improve your life.

Know the only truth is love, peace, harmony, bliss, abundance, and prosperity. Everything else is an illusion. When you align yourself with the only truth, all illusions fall away from your life and you are free to be happy. Be at peace within yourself by knowing who you are and what your purpose in life is. You begin to see every experience as an opportunity to grow spiritually and evolve into being more than you ever thought possible. The journey towards the light, be steady, all is well this day.

Amanda Cooper

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