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What is sodalite?

Sodalite is one of the best tools for ideal healing and spiritual growth. It is also used to calm the mind and enhance self-expression by strengthening intuition. Sodalite crystal is not classified as rock. An azure mineral cut and carved as statues, pyramids, and obelisks. It’s not as hard as a jewel, but it’s a masterpiece of luxury jewelry making. The meaning of sodalite comes from magma, which is rich in sodium and minerals, and is known as the blue “logical stone” because of its ability to cleanse the mind and generate deep thoughts. It strengthens a person’s analytical aspects, creativity, observation, discipline and clarifies a person’s vision.


Sodalite Healing Characteristics and Benefits

Sodalite Healing Crystal is not only a beautiful stone, but also a powerful stone that helps to enhance intellectual ability. If you own this type of stone, you may notice an increase in rationality and intelligence. It clarifies your mental problems and balanced thinking. It is one of the best tools for meditation and deep journeys. It leads to insight into oneself and an honest assessment of one’s strengths, motives, weaknesses, patterns of fate and gifts. It illuminates the mind, allows it to absorb new information, and enhances its ability to vigorously campaign for consciousness, idealism, and truth. The advantage of sodalite is that it expresses truth, logic, and inner peace. Its qualities are deeply linked to the heart, which makes up the bulk of its meaning. It naturally calms the mind and makes it easier to achieve peace of mind. The power of sodalite, called the calming effect, also helps the mind boost its energy, giving it the power to think and function.

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Emotions and Emotional Healing

Sodalite is a good friend for those in need of emotional development. It provides an emotional balance, calms panic attacks with rational thinking, objectivity, intuition, and truth, and enhances self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-acceptance. For this reason, sodalite is called the thinker’s stone because of its deep connection with the great thinkers. Anyone who has this crystal has the power to awaken deep thoughts. The dark blue and indigo colors of sodalite represent honesty, logic, respect, and balanced thinking. It gives the wearer honesty to their emotions and expresses the truth. It serves as a friend to comfort you whenever you need compliments. It also promotes discipline and will in private life. It’s about finding a way to make your daily work more efficient, which can help instill confidence. Sodalite’s emotional healing can treat confusion, trauma / phobia, and relieve anxiety. If you are experiencing this type of psychological abuse, try placing sodalite nearby.



For mind, consciousness, creativity, analysis, observation, and intuition, sodalite can meet such needs. Therefore, this crystal is called a logical stone because of its ability to strengthen the mind and balance thoughts. If you want to go deeper and find a way out of negativity, it’s your guide. Sodalite Healing Crystals can break through walls that get in the way of your heart. It represents all levels of understanding in which the mind can easily construct and identify problems and conflicts and come up with clear solutions. It allows your mind to receive new information and balance your thoughts to perceive good communication and understanding. With calm energy, sodalite encourages you to escape the worries of everyday life. With this power, it can give your mind more energy to see a good outlook. It helps your brain release guilt and welcome acceptance and trust in yourself. At this point, you can see the true purpose of your life and know how to deal with the situation.


This is the perfect crystal for anyone who wants to release their anger and frustration. It not only calms the inner emotions, but also physically helps the body. It protects your spirit when you think of hurting yourself with action. The healing properties of sodalite can cleanse organs, make them more efficient and function in their maximum position. It helps strengthen your immune system and protects you from common illnesses. For constipation, this stone helps digestion and lowers high blood pressure. It is also said that sodalite helps people receiving chemotherapy by releasing energy and coping with the side effects of treatment. Sodalite is suitable not only for treatment, but also for people with endocrine, sleep disorders, motion sickness, liver cleansing and water retention problems. This stone has been valued for generations not only for its healing powers, but also for its overall outlook that can affect your health as well as emotionally and physically. rice field.


Sodalite’s spiritual traits can be balanced and enhanced in scrying and psychic abilities. It will increase your vision, pave the way for your journey and raise awareness. All negative illusions are removed from your heart. This will be a useful tool for meditating and telling the truth. The Sodalite is ideal for assisting astrologers, tarot leaders, numerologists, and other oracles. This is an effective guide to your inner journey through meditation and dream work. It can provide access to the sacred laws of the universe. Awakens the mind and promotes intuition. It opens the window to your spiritual path and takes you to your deep consciousness. Sodalite helps activate the six clairvoyants, clairvoyants, clairvoyants, clairvoyants, clairvoyants, and clairvoyants. These are important when it comes to meditating with stones. You need to look at your needs and open these doors to effectively balance the two worlds.‍

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Use of sodalite and metaphysical properties

carrying sodalite

Sodalite is one of the best stones for making jewelry. The characteristics of sodalite are versatile quality that can be easily cut into various shapes, providing a variety of accessories to help the wearer to express the truth and communicate properly. You should be very careful about how you use sodalite jewelry, especially if you are wearing sodalite jewelry. Very soft and easily scratched. If you are already at home, you need to take it out immediately. Due to the attractive colors of sodalite, many women wear sodalite necklaces, sodalite bracelets, sodalite earrings, and a variety of sodalite accessories. It’s not as expensive as lapis lazuli or other semi-precious stones, but it will get the same attention from those who wear it.

The sodalite associated with the throat chakra means that it is best carried to the top of the body to maximize the force required on the head part of the body. Place it close to your heart and mind so that the energy can easily connect to them. The benefits of wearing sodalite provide a calm and balanced emotion each time sodalite adheres to the body. It is recommended to remove this accessory for sports, household chores and other physical activities that may damage stones. Others make sodalite pendants and sodalite rings that get more attention because of their stunning colors.


Sodalite at home

It is not good to wear a sodalite jewelry set to use sodalite crystals at home, but you can use palm stone sodalite for meditation. This is not effective at home, as you do not need a lot of self-confidence to express yourself when communicating or speaking in public. Using sodalite for home decor is a perfect fit for your needs. It calms things around you and balances energy to maintain a peaceful environment in your home. It is also a way to balance emotions to avoid family quarrels and deepen understanding. Sodalite and Feng Shui can be stronger as stones can absorb energy from the northeastern part of the house that releases wisdom. From the southwest, you can see where to place the sodalite in your house for a good relationship. Energizes the entire area.

Sodalite at Work

The benefits of Sodalite at work are great for those who want to avoid discussion and express the truth, especially when there is a lack of effective communication at work. Some frustration comes from work when they can’t understand your feelings and can’t avoid telling the truth about important issues in your office. Mistakes are a common problem in all professions, but sodalite helps avoid mistakes and focuses on the most important ideas and ideas that the mind can give. Misunderstandings are easily avoided when clear intentions and communication precede. The calming effect of sodalite continues to give you confidence without struggling with the negativizes around you.


Sodalite Meditation

Sodalite meditation can be easily worn as an accessory near your neck or heart to match your chakras. You can also start meditation at home with palm stone and sodalite figurines. It energizes the entire area and removes. Sodalite meditation can be used not only for your own benefit, but also for group work. It happens to be a tool for promoting / securing friendships, shared goals, objectives, and agreements. It strengthens emotions within the group and helps repair broken relationships. If someone feels dishonest to you, you can meditate with them by using sodalite to express the truth.


People and Relationships

The power of Sodalite helps to get rid of unnecessary emotional luggage in the mind and mind and move forward. This is a useful tool for those who want to put the past behind and face the future with a clear mind and a true purpose. When it comes to relationships, sodalite stimulates confidence in telling the truth and expresses the true feelings of both sides. It helps relationships grow, trust each other, balance their energies, and improve their understanding for better communication. Some relationships are difficult to convey to your partner, family, and friends. They have so many emotions that sometimes they can’t accept them. This stone is a great tool for getting along and a strong foundation for relationships. If you want to express your true appearance and feelings, this crystal is perfect.


Sodalite Crystal Therapy

Sodalite brings order and calm to the mind and body. This is very effective in relieving anxiety during flight, takeoff and landing and reducing jet lag. If you are suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders, it is recommended that you place a sodalite stone under your pillow to help you sleep better. It is designed to help break down bad habits and negative thought patterns that allow you to think more and focus on what you are trying to express. Sodalite Crystal Therapy is also recommended for people receiving treatment such as chemotherapy. It helps the body produce hormones and balances blood production. Most importantly, it stabilizes energy and helps the body recover from side effects. Sodalite is not only used for healing, but also a combat weapon against radiation damage.

Other calcium deficiencies can also be treated with sodalite. It trains to improve the inner and outer surfaces of the mind. It is used to control weight and bad body habits. athletes are also among those who can help through sodalite. Maximize what they’re crazy about, both physically and logically. It gives them patience and motivation to reach their goals. Sodalite is a complete in-and-out package with many more features.


Sodalite and Chakras

Sodalite Chakras are: Third eye chakra and throat chakra. Both are connected to the upper body and focus on the neck. Here is some simple information that chakra sodalite will generate these two further. Third Eye Chakra focuses on logical skills and intuition. I have the energy to generate clear thoughts and remove unnecessary things that prevent the mind from thinking further. This chakra is useful for those who want to focus on their desires and goals. It encourages control of situations that some people cannot handle. The throat chakra is perfect for balancing movement.

This chakra is also near the heart that explains emotions. It helps the heart release so much anger, frustration, suspicion, and jealousy. It lowers the mind’s expectations for the negative problems that arise when a person experiences so much pain. It helps the circulatory system stay healthy.

When these chakras are out of balance, people tend to be overly sensitive to the opinions of others and to look down on others and feel good. They are both open to the other world and are connected to higher territories. They enable compassion, kindness, peace, truth, love and bring energy to share energy with others.


Sodalite Energy Color

Sodalite Energy is offered in a different color combination than the white spots. Whether yellow, gray, orange, or pink, the typical sodalite is a deep blue color like lapis lazuli, but often has white calcite and spots through it. Sodalite can be found in the form of colorless and transparent, but this is one of the rarely seen sodalites, followed by the very rare types of sodalites, violet blue and opaque. there is. The Blue Crystal brings trust, truth, patience, and respect. It helps to develop discipline and balance. Other colors of sodalite, such as indigo, bring wisdom, dignity, and spiritual proficiency. This type of sodalite is suitable for spiritual journeys and mental abilities.

Sodalite care

Sodalite is softer than other gems. Especially when worn as an accessory in everyday life, it is considered delicate when it comes to wearing it. But be careful, this can last for years. It can be easily scratched or broken by strong pressure. After cleaning, you can wrap it in a soft cloth and store it with other jewelry. Be careful not to touch other crystals, especially unpolished crystals. Avoid heavy work when carrying sodalite. Pressure is applied to the stone, which can be accidentally scratched and weakened. Do not expose sodalite to excessive sunlight or sulfuric acid. This can instantly lighten the color and may not be as effective as it used to be.‍

How to clean sodalite

Like other crystals, sodalite can be easily washed with soap and warm water. Wipe it with a soft cloth to prevent scratches. Another method of cleaning is to use salt. No need to rub sodalite. Simply dissolve the salt in water and then pour sodalite, and the pressure that can affect the stone will not be applied to the salt. Others carefully separated the sodalites in the package and then soaked them in salt to make sure they were in physical contact with each other. The last method you can use is to soak it in water, but make sure the stones don’t stay there for long. It may break if left in the water for a long time.

Sodalite programming methods

There are several ways to program sodalite. Here’s how to maintain sodalite performance each time you use it.

  1. How of sunlight: The sun can provide a good balance of sodalite energy, but it can be difficult for stones to stay in the sun for long periods of time. It is recommended to charge the stone for at most a few hours in the morning sun.
  2. Moonlight method: Sodalite can help maintain balance and become an antidote to anxiety. It is milder than the energy of the sun and allows sodalite to be left overnight in the moonlight.
  3. Smoking method: This method allows the sodalite to contain fire. You can use a smudge stick and shake it around the stone for about 2030 seconds to absorb the smoke from the stick.
  4. Meditation Method: Meditating within an hour can help sodalite regain power. You can hold it and focus on your breathing to direct your spiritual energy to your sodalite stone.

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