Angel Message Of The Day : Clear Communication

Bath Kol 


A fine mist of soft lavender light surrounds you. Breathe in lavender light, breathe out distrust. Breathe in lavender light, breathe out bitterness. Bask in the softness and calmness of the light that has been blessed and given to you. It is the best time to let go of distrust and bitterness that has been looming. The feelings that they convey are feelings that you should not keep. Instead, you must release all of them at once so that you can start anew. It is natural that there are emotions that you may not control in your darkest of days. However, you must choose to break this shell and not dwell on these emotions any longer. Distrust and bitterness should not have any space in your heart. Let the light and love in.


Breathe in lavender light, breathe out white light. Breathe in lavender light, breathe out lavender light. Feel your physical body sigh, releasing all that is not true. In your day to day, you might encounter situations that will challenge your faith. It is a continuous process where you let yourself focus on what matters. Do not dwell on the negativity in your heart which will impair your perception of the present. You must focus on light and love instead, and let yourself thrive in your surroundings. All that is not true should not have any space within your heart. Be honest, brave, and courageous in seeking your heart’s desires.


In loving yourself, you must speak the truth from within, that which makes your Soul sing. It is in which it creates a song within your entire being. You must be honest with how you handle yourself; you must prioritize all that matters and choose the paths that will lead you to love and greatness. Surround yourself with positivity, where you will thrive and grow into the best version of yourself. Channel this drive in seeking what makes your heart and soul sing, so that you will thrive as a person and you will reach your true potential. You will have the chance to understand yourself better, and you will get to listen to what your heart says.


Wrap you in lavender light; imagine lavender wings enfolding you softly, gently as if to caress you into a state of grace. You must focus on the love and light around you and within you. You must give importance in keeping your peace and harmony within yourself. In this way, you will know yourself better and make greater connections. You will connect better with yourself, people and things around you, and even with the Divine Source. All of what you desire will be clearer, and there is peace and calmness in all you will do. There would be clarity on what you truly seek, and you will learn what to choose to obtain it.


Do you wish to know your truth? Do you wish to know your life’s purpose? Do you wish to deepen your love of Self as Divine Source intended? Do you wish to speak with clarity, releasing you from all thoughts of emotional bondage or denial? Once you gain the peace and harmony by seeking love and light, you will know yourself better and understand your purpose. When there is serenity, you will feel more connected with the Divine Source. Bask in the softness and calmness of the world around you, and focus on achieving your goals and aspirations. Bask in the light where there is clarity and you can understand yourself better than you have before.  Most importantly, bask in the love and light within you. You have always been blessed in all ways.


Open your heart to all that is, accept that which you desire most for it is already given you. You must embrace all of the blessings given to you, and do not forget to show gratitude. At the same time, you must remember to be true to yourself, and accept your heart’s true desires. You can never go wrong with seeking greatness and love whenever you can. Open your heart, sing my name three times, light a lavender candle. Know I am with you by your side, lovingly guiding you to all that awaits you.

Amanda Cooper

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