Angel Message Of The Day : Rainbows Of Blessings

Archangel Raziel 


Look to the heavens above, below, in front, and behind you. Look to the sky. What we see when we look at the sky and around us is the greatness of the world we live in and beyond. Give it a try, and take a pause. When you breathe in your surroundings, especially the rainbow of blessings, you will realize how blessed you are. When you reflect on the importance of each and everything around you, you will learn to show gratefulness. Appreciate the view of the scenery in front of you; all that you can see in this world is a blessing. Express gratitude for acquiring the ability to appreciate your surroundings. Show appreciation for the beauty of the world, and how each creation is made out of love and light. Look up at the sky and count the stars, and you will fall in love with its beauty. Appreciate the rainbow of blessings that will be coming your way. You are ultimately blessed in more ways than one.


Look to that which is within you. Look about you, for the blessings are many. When you look within, you will realize how blessed you are. Show gratitude for all the blessings that you receive, and remember how deserving you are for all the good things that came your way. You have received the gift of life, love, light, and so much more. You must remember that the power is within you, and it is your ultimate choice to make use of all of the blessings and gifts you received. You are loved and appreciated–you have always been. Continue your journey as you surround yourself with all of the things you are grateful for. Accept the blessings that will be coming your way. You must anticipate their arrival but do not forget to be grateful for each and show appreciation to them. 


Reach inward, reach through the veil of all that has come before. Reach inward, reach through the veil of all that has come before. When you reach inward and try to connect with your true self, you will get to revisit the past. All of the situations you have encountered are part of the process. Your journey may be faced with hurdles and turmoil in some moments where you can help but focus on the darkness. However, once you are able to reach through within you, you will appreciate all the gifts that were bestowed upon you. All love and light that you have been seeking has always been given to you in the moment of asking. The love and light is within you all along, and you are loved beyond measure. You must trust the process, and understand that you are in the right time at the right moment. All that you have been through is part of the grand process of the Divine Order. Have faith that you are on the right track.

Look about you for there are rainbows of light, rainbows of blessings, rainbows of creatures great and small among you. There is a rainbow after the rainy days ahead. This is a testament that you will no longer have to worry as you have the light within you even in your darkest and rainy days. In the darkest of days, you will feel that hope is all lost, and it will no longer get better. It is important to make a decision to see the other side. The rains and storms shall pass, even if it will seem unending at first. Even at bad times, you will receive rainbows of blessings one way or another. It is important that you seek the light and accept all blessings coming your way. Focus on the light and love that you receive from all the gifts given to you, may it be from the Divine Source, or people around you that are full of light, as well.


Look about for there is only light, love, abundance, prosperity, peace, harmony, joy, and thanksgiving. There is light coming your way. In the days when you are not at your best, the light is within you to guide you on your path. It goes hand in hand with love, the ultimate reason for everything. Receiving love will lead you to be the best version of you. Abundance is coming your way where you will feel that all your meets are met and so much more. In prosperity, you will achieve greater things in life just as you desire. There is more ahead of you, and it is only the beginning. In peace, you will no longer have to be restless. You will be in tranquility as you make your way toward your path. In harmony, you will no longer feel disconnected and lost. You will feel that you are in the right state, and there is a balance inside of you. Joy coming your way means no longer feeling famished. You will be content with what you have, and you will feel immense happiness. These are the blessings that you are meant to obtain, and it is freely given to you. 

Look at you, beloved child, you are loved beyond measure. When you are faced with a dire situation that you cannot fathom, there are times when you might lose your will. It is perfectly normal to feel that you are disconnected from the world, and you are put into a slump. You must remember that there is no darkness, only the absence of light. Hence, you should release all of the negativity so the light can make its way into your heart and soul. Look at it in a positive light, and focus on the blessing of a rainbow. You are full of love and light, and there are many gifts sent toward you that you should appreciate. Acknowledge that you are loved beyond measure, and understand that looking at the rainbow of blessings will lead you to a better disposition. Look about you this day, give thanks for the creation of all that is.

Amanda Cooper

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