Angel Message Of The Day : Your True Self



The light within you shines brightly, radiating outward touching all with glorious brilliance.  


In your search for the path before you, look within.  


All you seek is already within you at this moment.  


Beloved child seek within, journey within, seek first the Realm of Light and Love.  


Allow only light and love to enfold you with all you seek, all you desire.  

Be willing to step into your truth, for there is no other in all the Universe as brilliant as you are in this moment.  


Your Life’s Purpose is waiting for you at this moment. 


Be willing to receive all you are in this moment.  


Be willing to express light and love for you. 


In the sharing of light and love with you, you have more than enough to share with others.  


Share the journey with other seekers of the light.  

Begin within, all shall be made manifest upon your awakening.  


Shine forth this day; allow your light to be a beacon in the darkness.

Amanda Cooper

NourishingYourSpirit, brought to you by Altrusitic Pte. Ltd., is a spiritual platform for all users to be educated and enriched with vital spiritual content that will aid them in their life's journey. Daily Astrological Forecast along with spiritual content in astrology, tarot, psychic, manifestation, etc. will be open for everyone to read. With our dedicated Amanda Cooper, spiritual enthusiast, who will bring about constant updates so that everyone can benefit through their walk in life.

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