Angel Message Of The Day : Seek The Light

Angel of Intuitive Illumination

Allow your Inner-Self to soar among the Heavens beloved one. You only need to express yourself to your loved ones, especially if you don’t communicate with them much, to improve your inner self, which will assist nourish you as well. When you know better, you will be able to focus on what is important, such as items that you should cherish and protect.

Allow your heart to be free from pain, hurt, disappointment, sorrow, fear of lack. While it is natural to experience disappointment, learning to accept it and overcome it is critical since hanging onto it can have severe consequences. Learning to accept disappointment and handle the emotions that come with it is critical to preserving mental health.

Allow your heart to express joy, happiness, peaceful contentment. Contentment provides mental calm and happiness, which can aid in growth and self-improvement. This does not preclude you from having dreams and goals. You may accept the present while hoping for a brighter future. Contentment simply means being at ease with the present moment, not being complacent.

Look at you today. Looking within implies taking responsibility for yourself so that when someone tells you otherwise, you’ve already addressed the areas that need change. Looking within implies that you are willing to embrace both the finest and worst sides of yourself in order to accept who you truly are in this life.

Are there not many blessings for which to give thanks? Giving improves your personal attitude, and sharing your blessings with others boosts your self-esteem and has a good impact on your life. Not that giving to others should be solely for selfish reasons, but it is pleasant that it feels good to share.

Seek first the light for there is much light and love for you. You must seek the light in the goodness that every soul seeks, regardless of religion or spiritual beliefs. The ultimate objective is goodness, and when every soul can strive for goodness, humanity will have crossed the chasm and the need for suffering will be gone.

How does one seek light and love? When we are unhappy, upset, or angry, we send “love and light” to others as a prayer and solution. People frequently say this to offer a path out of whatever gloomy predicament they are in. And it’s a beautiful gesture that can help clean the air, so to speak.

Look first to yourself, your true essence is light and love. Your inner essence functions as a cosmic barcode for your being. Your genuine nature transcends your soul and higher self. It’s your infinite being’s essence vibrating through you like a cosmic heartbeat. It is your true essence, undisturbed by your lives and experiences in and beyond the time and space dimensions.

In all things seek the ways of loving kindness, speaking with softness, seeing the Divine Spark within all creatures great and small. To see the holy spark in all things large and small, we must seek the technique of loving compassion to others and speak soothingly to it. Be empathetic and realize it.

No matter the circumstances love and light shall prevail. In any situation we confront, it may appear impossible to find a solution and we give up, but when you seek the light and love within you, it always triumphs.

Do you not see more clearly in the light?

Do you not sense greater love in the light?

Why would you want to be somewhere else?

The Spark of Divinity within shines brighter in the light.

Be not afraid, shed that which no longer serves you; embrace change for it is the way of expansion. If you can let go and accept things as they are rather than how you’d like them to be, you’ll find that you’ll suffer less from stress, emotional links to the past or future, dissatisfaction with people, loss issues, and succumbing to fear. You will set yourself free by letting go.

Travel the path before you this day in peaceful harmony. All is well. When people live in harmony with one another, they live together peacefully rather than fighting or disputing. We

must strive to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and others. He portrayed himself as the defender of national unity and peace.

Amanda Cooper

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