Angel Message Of The Day : Vibrational Freedom



The dawning of each morning begins anew with hope, faith, trust and the possibility of all things being made manifest before you.  


In the dawning of each morn release all that belongs behind you.  


In the dawning of each morning seek first the light and love of Source, open yourself to all that is before you. 


The moment before you is all there is.  

Take flight beloved child for in the freeing of your Inner-Spirit, you soar on the vibration of pure light.  


Take flight, there is no other holding you from your good.  


Take flight, soar among the heavens for there is only love, there is only light, there is only goodness and mercy, there is only peace and harmony.  


Exchange the vibrational pattern of all that has come before.  


Choose to take flight; all is in Divine Order, occurring in Divine Time.  

Seek the gift presented to you in all moments from all sources, listen for there are no mistakes.  


Take flight, expand your horizons, it is you who holds you where you do not want to be.  Take flight; choose vibrational freedom this day and the next and the next.  


Release all that no longer serves you.  


How shall you choose vibrational freedom this day?

Amanda Cooper

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