Angel Message Of The Day: Seek and You Shall Find

Archangel Zadkiel


The power of the Divine Source is great. What do you do which is of Divine Source this day? Do you seek peace, harmony, or perhaps more joy and less judgment upon yourself or others? If peace is what you yearn for, know that the Divine Source holds the key to inner serenity. Turn your attention inward and invite the calming presence of the Divine Source to fill your being. Surrender any worries or anxieties, allowing the divine peace to permeate every cell of your being. Feel the gentle embrace of tranquility as it washes over you, bringing a sense of calmness and centeredness. If harmony is your desire, recognize that the Divine Source is the ultimate orchestrator of balance and unity. Invite the harmonizing energy of the Divine Source to flow through you, aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions. As you attune yourself to the Divine harmony, you will find that conflicts and disharmony dissolve, and a sense of coherence and cooperation emerges in your interactions with others and the world around you. May your connection with Divine Source be deepened this day, as you seek peace, harmony, joy, and freedom from judgment. Trust in the divine guidance and love that flows abundantly towards you, and know that you are always supported and cherished by the infinite power of Divine Source.


What do you choose to call upon to you on this day? As you step into this new day, take a moment to reflect on what you choose to call into your life. Your intentions and desires hold immense power, shaping the experiences and opportunities that come your way. So, what do you wish to invite and manifest in your reality today? Perhaps you choose to call forth love and compassion. Open your heart wide and set the intention to cultivate deep connections and meaningful relationships. Allow love to flow freely within you and radiate outwards, touching the lives of those you encounter. Embrace compassion as a guiding force, both towards yourself and others, fostering understanding and kindness in every interaction.

The Mercy of the Divine Source is unconditional. The Righteousness of the Divine Source is unconditional. The love of the Divine Source is unconditional. The mercy of the Divine Source is a compassionate embrace that extends to all beings, regardless of their past actions or circumstances. It is a forgiving and understanding energy that offers solace and redemption. In the presence of the Divine Source’s mercy, you are invited to release any guilt or shame, knowing that you are held in a loving embrace that seeks your growth and transformation. The righteousness of the Divine Source is a divine justice that transcends human notions of fairness. It is a force that ensures balance and harmony in the universe. Divine Source’s righteousness operates beyond the limitations of human understanding, always working towards the highest good for all. Trust in the righteousness of the Divine Source, knowing that justice will prevail and that every action is accounted for in the grand tapestry of existence.


There is only that which already is. There is only peace. There is harmony.  In the realm of divine truth, there exists only that which already is. It is a state of pure existence, beyond the illusions of time and space. Within this eternal realm, peace and harmony are the inherent qualities that permeate all of creation. Peace is not merely the absence of conflict or turmoil; it is a profound inner stillness that arises when one aligns with the truth of their being. It is a state of tranquility that transcends external circumstances, allowing one to find solace and serenity amidst the chaos of the world. In the presence of peace, the mind becomes calm, the heart opens, and a deep sense of contentment and wholeness emerges. Harmony, on the other hand, is the natural state of balance and unity that exists when all aspects of creation are in alignment. It is the symphony of existence, where each note and instrument plays its unique part, contributing to the beauty and coherence of the whole. In harmony, there is a sense of flow, cooperation, and interconnectedness, fostering a deep sense of belonging and oneness. Recognize that peace and harmony are not external conditions to be sought after, but rather inner states of being that can be accessed at any moment. They are not dependent on external circumstances but rather arise from the realization of your inherent connection to the divine essence within you and all of creation.

There is only joy. There is nothing else. When you say that there is only joy, you mean that joy is the ultimate reality that lies at the core of your being. It is the natural state of your soul, always accessible and ever-present. Joy is not dependent on external factors or the fulfillment of desires; it arises from a deep connection to your true self and the recognition of your inherent divinity. In the presence of joy, all limitations and illusions fade away. It is a state of pure bliss, where you are aligned with the flow of life and connected to the infinite wellspring of love and light within you. Joy is the expression of your soul’s delight, radiating outward and touching the lives of those around you. Embracing the truth that there is only joy requires a shift in perception and a willingness to let go of attachments and expectations. It invites you to release the belief that joy is something to be pursued or attained in the future, and instead, to recognize that it is already within you, waiting to be acknowledged and embraced.


This day, we ask you to consider prayer, meditation, the lighting of candles, and sitting in silence to better know you. Prayer is a sacred conversation with the divine. It is an opportunity to express your deepest longings, gratitude, and intentions to the divine source. Through prayer, you open your heart and mind to the presence of the divine, seeking guidance, comfort, and support. As you engage in prayer, allow yourself to surrender and trust that your words and intentions are heard and received by the loving embrace of the divine. Meditation is a practice of stillness and inner reflection. It is a way to quiet the mind, release distractions, and enter into a state of deep presence and awareness. Through meditation, you create a sacred space within yourself to connect with the divine source. As you sit in stillness, observe your thoughts without judgment, and allow them to pass by like clouds in the sky. In this space of inner silence, you can experience a profound sense of peace, clarity, and connection to the divine. The lighting of candles is a symbolic act that represents the illumination of the inner light within you. As you light a candle, let it serve as a reminder of the divine spark that resides within your being. It is a visual representation of your intention to invite the divine presence into your space and your life. Allow the gentle flickering flame to guide you into a state of reverence and inner peace. Sitting in silence is a practice of simply being present with yourself and the divine. It is a time to release the need for external stimulation and to turn inward. As you sit in silence, allow yourself to be fully present in the moment, letting go of thoughts, worries, and distractions. In this space of inner stillness, you can experience a deep sense of connection to the divine source, as well as insights, inspiration, and inner guidance.


In better knowing you, you strengthen your connection to that of the Divine Source. In the process of self-knowing, you develop a deep sense of self-acceptance and self-love. You embrace all aspects of yourself, including the shadows and imperfections, recognizing that they are part of your unique journey of growth and evolution. This self-acceptance opens the door to a profound connection with the divine, as you realize that the divine presence exists within every part of your being. As you strengthen your connection to the divine source within, you begin to experience a sense of unity and oneness with all of creation. You recognize that the same divine essence that resides within you also permeates every living being and every aspect of the natural world. This awareness fosters a deep reverence and respect for all of life, nurturing a sense of interconnectedness and compassion.

Ahhh the question then becomes, if you are always connected to the One, then how can you strengthen something that already is? In truth, your connection to the divine is inherent and unbreakable. It is a fundamental aspect of your being, woven into the very fabric of your existence. You are never truly separate from the divine source, for it is the essence from which you emerged and to which you will return. When you speak of strengthening your connection to the divine, you are not implying that you need to create or establish a connection that is lacking. Instead, we are inviting you to deepen your awareness and conscious experience of this connection. It is an invitation to align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with the truth of your divine nature. In the realm of human experience, it is easy to become entangled in the illusions of separation, fear, and limitation. The conditioning of the world can cloud your awareness of the divine presence within you. Therefore, the process of strengthening your connection is a journey of remembrance and reawakening to the truth of who you are.


In being a part of the physical realm it is possible to experience disconnection from Source. Disconnection appears in many forms. Disconnection from the Source can manifest in various forms, and each individual may experience it differently. It can arise from the conditioning of society, the distractions of the external world, or the challenges and traumas of life. These factors can create a sense of separation, causing you to forget your true nature as a divine being. One form of disconnection is the illusion of separation, where you perceive yourself as separate from the divine and others. This illusion can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and a lack of purpose or meaning in life. It can create a sense of fragmentation within yourself as if you are separate from your divine essence. Another form of disconnection is the loss of awareness of the divine presence within you. When you become absorbed in the busyness of daily life, the demands of the ego, or the constant stream of thoughts and emotions, it can be easy to forget the ever-present divine spark within. This forgetfulness can lead to a sense of emptiness, a longing for something greater, and a disconnection from your inner guidance.


The ego-chitter chatter barks mightily, creating the perception that there is only the voice of discontent, the voice of disease, the voice of lack. In this alignment, you reclaim your power and become the conscious observer of the ego’s chatter. You recognize that the ego’s voice is not your true identity, but rather a conditioned pattern of thinking that can be transcended. You cultivate self-compassion and patience as you navigate the journey of quieting the ego’s voice and embracing the voice of your divine self. you have the power to choose which voice to listen to and which voice to give power to. By consciously tuning into the voice of your divine self, you can transcend the illusions of the ego and experience a deeper sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment.


There is always a choice. Choice is a gift that empowers you to respond to the circumstances and situations that arise in your life. It is the key that unlocks the door to personal growth, transformation, and the realization of your highest potential. In every moment, you have the power to choose how you perceive, interpret, and respond to the world around you. Through the power of choice, you can shape your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes. You can choose to cultivate a mindset of positivity, gratitude, and resilience, even in the face of challenges. You can choose to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace empowering ones that support your growth and expansion. You can choose to focus your attention on what brings you joy, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.


How do you choose to walk upon the path this day? To choose how you walk upon the path, it is important to first cultivate self-awareness. Take a moment to connect with your inner being, to listen to the whispers of your heart, and to tune into the guidance of your soul. Reflect upon your values, passions, and aspirations, and consider how you can align your choices with your deepest truth. As you embark upon this day’s journey, you can choose to walk with presence and mindfulness. Be fully present in each moment, allowing yourself to fully experience the beauty, the challenges, and the lessons that come your way. Let go of worries about the past or anxieties about the future, and immerse yourself in the richness of the present moment. Trust in the divine guidance that flows through you and surrender to the greater wisdom of the universe. Release the need to control every outcome and instead, have faith that everything is unfolding in divine perfection. Trust that the path you are walking is leading you exactly where you need to be.

Amanda Cooper

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