Angel Message Of The Day : Creating Reality

Archangel Raguel 


Limitation is an Earthly realm concept. 


The Realm of Spirit knows only love and light.  


In love, all things are created


In light all is illuminated in joy.  

Seek the light and love of Divine Source


All is given in the asking.  


There is nothing denying you. 


Ego-chitter chatter is all that separates you from all you desire. 


Choose to feel joy.  


Choose to see through the eyes of love.  

Choose light and all that lurks in the shadows simply dissolves into the light. 


As you travel the path before you, do you not place one foot in front of the other?  


How then shall you expect to reach completion with one leap?  


Traveling the path before you is best traveled one step at a time.  


In re-focusing your thoughts all else vibrates or resonates differently.  


You need only move forward one step at a time.  


Enjoy the process. 


Trust the process. 


Be in a state of gratitude


Cherish all as it unfolds before you.  

The journey is the process.  


Choosing creates the process, which in turn creates your reality.  


How shall you choose to create your vision for your life this day?

Amanda Cooper

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