Angel Message Of The Day : Divine Life Purpose



Some look about and wonder why?  Others look about and wonder why not?  


Still others look about and wonder if there is something more. 


Something more is your life’s purpose, the Divine Plan for your being in this moment, in this time, in this body.  

All is revealed with each step along the path before you.  


Yes, we understand there are missteps or distractions along the way.  


Seek the gift in what appears to be misdirection, negative actions, emotions, thoughts, which would seemingly hold you from all that you desire, all you seek to experience.  Understand there is only you who truly keeps you from your highest and best good. 


It is you. How does one remove themselves, allowing forward movement towards your highest and best good?  


Sit with yourself, light candles of gold, sit in the silence, ponder without limitation all you that see for yourself and the life you desire to live.   

From where you are at this moment, what steps or steps are you willing to take?  


What can you do beginning where you are?  


You can choose to change your thoughts.  


You can choose to change how you feel about where you are.  


Choose to see light where the perception of darkness lay.  


Choose to express gratitude, for in being grateful more of the same is given to you.  

Choose to see light expressing gratitude for the light.  


Accept what has come before, knowing there is more waiting for you when you choose to surrender all obstacles.  


See the dawning of the path before you… the way is made clear.  The choosing is yours.

Amanda Cooper

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