Angel Message Of The Day : Express Gratitude



This day is a new beginning, as is each new day before you. Whenever a day passes by, know that you should be grateful that you are well today. Everyday is a gift, and this is the reason why it is most known as the present. You can call this day a new beginning, as you will have the opportunity to grow and learn more about the world. You have to know that you have the power to make this day your own, and you will be able to make it to your liking. When you are aware of this power that you have, you have to make use of it. Try to maximize and get to know more about the world beneath you.


This day is a gift of peace, prosperity, harmony, love and compassion. When you are starting your day, always keep in mind that you are given the opportunity to spread the goodness within you. You can always give out the peace, prosperity, harmony, love and compassion that you are seeking for. In turn, the universe shall give it to you as well. When you are at peace within yourself, that means that you already have the clarity to make decisions on your own. When you are striving for prosperity, that means that you are seeking out success and growth within your company and everyone else’s. When you are in harmony, that means that you are already at peace within yourself, and in turn, you will be able to spread harmony to others. When you are radiating love, that means that you are able to express this feeling and give it to yourself and to others. When you are compassionate, that means that you are trying to understand how the world works and you are trying to be the best version of yourself.

There are infinite ways to express and receive prosperity. Prosperity is not measured solely in gold coins. Know that there is more to prosperity than meets the eye, and you should know by now that there are other ways where you can prosper, and not only with your physical wealth.  Prosperity is measured in the giving of a smile, a kind word, compassion where there is none, loving kindness when all else appears to be its blackest. Prosperity means you are spreading out the goodness that you currently have within your heart and soul.


Trust all is well with you this day and all the days before you. Have faith all is unfolding before you in ways not yet imagined. When you trust that all will be well in time, you will be able to focus on your goals and be a better person. When you have this faith, you will be able to prosper and reach out your goals as you wish to. You will be able to conquer each of the days that will be coming to you, because you trust that all shall be well. There is much to release making way for all things desired. 

There is much to celebrate this day. Know that every day shall be celebrated as you have the opportunity to prove yourself. You are given a day to learn more, nurture your soul, and spread out love and light within yourself and to others. In all things, in all situations express compassion for you and for others. When you are able to give out this compassion and spread it to the world, the world shall give back to you, as well.


Trust all is occurring in Divine Time in accordance with the Divine Plan for your life. Choose wisely this day, express gratitude for all that is before you. Focus on the things that you should be grateful for. From then, you will understand that you are more blessed than you thought you are. You have to remember that in life, you have so much to explore and know. You have to always remind yourself that there are things that have been given to you and you should be thankful for. Do not forget all the good things that life has given you. Express gratitude, for there are many blessings in your life now at this moment.  Express gratitude this day and all days, all is well.

Amanda Cooper

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