Angel Message Of The Day : Seek & You Shall Find

Archangel Zadkiel


The power of the Divine Source is great. What do you do that is of Divine Source this day? Do you seek peace, harmony, or perhaps more joy and less judgment upon yourself or others? You always have to keep in mind that seeking the things that are of Divine Source should be your way to go in your everyday life. When you seek peace, you will gain clarity in all things you are doing. In this way, you will feel more in touch with yourself, your emotions, and your thoughts. When you seek harmony, you will gain balance in your life. In this way, you will feel more like your true self. When there is joy, you will feel the bliss of appreciation and gratefulness. In this way, you will feel more appreciative of the blessings coming your way. When there is less judgment upon you or others, you will get to exercise empathy towards others. In this way, understanding will be more evident in your life. What do you choose to call upon you this day


The Mercy of the Divine Source is unconditional. The Righteousness of the Divine Source is unconditional. The love of the Divine Source is unconditional. When mercy is unconditional, it means no matter what has been done, there is understanding and compassion. When righteousness is unconditional, there are morals and virtues in all ways. When love is unconditional, there is love with no bounds and is free. There are no conditions, there is only mercy, righteousness, and love when it comes to the Divine Source.


There is only that which already is. There is only peace. There is harmony. There is only joy. There is nothing else. Seek peace, harmony, and joy, so that you will find bliss within yourself. You have to prioritize these things so that there will be no space left for darkness. This day, we ask you to consider prayer, meditation, the lighting of candles, and sitting in silence to better know you. 


In better knowing you, you strengthen your connection to that of the Divine Source. When you know yourself better, you will make a deep connection with yourself. This way, you will also make a deeper connection to the Divine Source. Choose to revel in this connection, and continue to carry on with your journey.


Ahhh, the question then becomes, if you are always connected to the One, then how can you strengthen something that already is?  Continue to pursue strengthening your connection with the Divine Source by choosing peace, harmony, and joy. Remember to choose peace, so that you will feel clarity. Remember to choose harmony so that there is a balance, so that you will feel more in tune with yourself. Remember to choose joy, so that happiness and bliss will make you feel complete.


In being a part of the physical realm it is possible to experience disconnection from Source. Disconnection appears in many forms. You should not dwell anymore on the things that will disconnect you to the Divine Source. Instead, focus on the light and love that radiates within you. Seek peace, harmony, and joy, and it will be the ultimate choice you will be making for this day. Focus on the things that you should be doing to nourish your soul. In turn, you will have a stronger connection to yourself, to others, and with the Divine Source.


The ego-chitter chatter barks mightily, creating the perception that there is only the voice of discontent, the voice of disease, the voice of lack. You should not focus on these things that will only ruin the connection with the Divine Source. Instead, you can focus on appreciation and compassion towards yourself and to others. Remember that the things that you should give space in your body and soul should only consist of things that shall maintain the love and light within you.


There is always a choice. You can choose to seek the way to strengthen your connection with the Divine Source. In turn, you will stray away from darkness and negativity that you should no longer dwell on. You always have the choice to choose the direction you are going. How do you choose to walk upon the path this day?

Amanda Cooper

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