Angel Message Of The Day : Celebrate



Celebrate joy, harmony, peace. 


Contentment shall be your constant companion.  

Celebrate the many blessings, gifts given to you. 


Celebrate the abundance of opportunities.  


Choose to see that which is gifted to you rather than the absence of your desires. 


All is in Divine Time occurring in Divine Order. 


Choose to see past the illusion of lack for in reality there is no lack there is only abundance in all things.  


Choose to see past illusions for the ways of the physical realm do not bind you. 


Choose to see love, feel love, express love.  


That which is not expressed in its fullest is lost to you and those around you. 


That which is not expressed in thought, emotion, through your actions is forever lost. Choose to express your Divine Nature for in sharing, you prepare yourself to receive all you seek. 


Celebrate the many joys this day. 


Celebrate the many gifts given to you. 


Contentment shall be your constant companion.

Amanda Cooper

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