Angel Message Of The Day : Ignite Your Inner Passion



Light the fires of passion within. Look about you, what do you see? 


Look more closely.  Do you see the many blessings all about you?  


Perhaps you choose to look upon that which has not yet been made manifest in physical form?  


If thou do not trust in the ways of my brethren and me … then where do you place your trust and faith?  

The higher power resides within you. 


Your core essence knows only peace, harmony, light, love, abundance in all things


How then does one become one with Divine Source


Sit in the silence, walk softly upon the Earth, feel the breeze upon your skin, sing praises of gratitude, give of you to you and to others. 


In the giving there is receiving.  


In the receiving you give the gift of accepting the gifts of another.  

Beloved child, do you give to you. 


Ignite the fires of passion within. 


There is nothing you cannot manifest for the asking.  


There is nothing which remains closed upon knocking.  


There is nothing that remains hidden in the seeking.  


Choose to ignite your inner passions, choose to open yourself to receive, choose to express gratitude for your many blessings.  

Allow your Inner-Spirit to soar.  


How shall you choose to express your inner passion this day?

Amanda Cooper

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