3 Things You Can Do To Attract Abundance!

One of the most common questions people ask me about the Law of Attraction is how to use it to attract more money. Money is simply the energy of abundance, and the Law of Attraction can therefore be used deliberately to increasingly attract abundance in our lives. To understand how to increase the energy of abundance, consider this: The Law of Attraction is all about vibes.

The word vibes come from the longer word– vibration. All energy is vibration. We commonly use the word vibe to refer to experiences that give off a negative vibe or a positive vibe. So, when we say we get a good vibe or a bad vibe from an experience, we are describing positive vibrations or negative vibrations.

Here is an important concept that is vital to understanding how to use the Law of Attraction; vibrations are generated because of the thoughts and words we use. The Law of Attraction is a powerful, universal law that simply responds to our vibration by giving us more of the same, whether wanted or unwanted– in every moment, including right now!

Definition of the Law of Attraction:

I attract to myself, whatever I give my attention, focus, or energy to; whether unwanted or wanted.

The Law of Attraction is an obedient law. Understanding that, we want to become more deliberate offer-ers of the vibes that we are emitting.

Using the Law of Attraction to Increase Our Abundance:

Abundance is a feeling and that’s GOOD news. Abundance is a feeling, and that feeling has a corresponding vibration that we can duplicate. Given that we can generate feelings by our thoughts and words, we can learn how to duplicate the feelings of abundance more intentionally, using our words and thoughts.

The best news of all is, the Law of Attraction doesn’t know if we are generating a thought by; remembering, pretending, creating, visualizing, or daydreaming. It simply responds to our vibration in that moment. And– we can only hold one vibration at a time! By creating the vibration of abundance more deliberately and more often, we are INCREASING abundance in our lives.

I suggest that you commit to this process of deliberately duplicating the vibration of abundance, by using your thoughts, for the next 7 days. Start today! Here’s the exercise that will help you do that.

Part One:

The belief that the ONLY way to increase your abundance, is to find a way to earn more money, is a limiting belief. There are many, many other ways that abundance can increase in your life.

Here are 5 sources of abundance. Start with these and build your list to 60 sources or more!

Sources of Abundance:
Someone treats you to lunch (or breakfast or dinner).
Someone gives you free advice or coaching.
You receive gifts.
You receive free transportation or lodging.
You get your 3rd cup of coffee free.
Part Two:.

Keep a daily log of all the sources from which you are receiving abundance. This will significantly help you to notice abundance in your life. Keeping a daily log shows you concrete evidence that abundance DOES exist and IS increasing in your life. Celebrate! When you notice abundance, celebrate the evidence of it in your life– and while celebrating, know that you are offering the positive vibration of abundance. Remember, at every moment, including right now, the Law of Attraction is checking to see which vibration you are offering, responding to that vibration, and giving you more of the same.

Here’s a great tip! Two minutes a day of deliberate attention to abundance is better than no minutes.

This exercise will have you emitting or offering the vibration of abundance more deliberately and more frequently. Have fun with this!

Start doing this exercise for the next 7 days and notice the things you can now start telling yourself: “I’m so abundant! I’ve attracted evidence of abundance every day for the last 7 days.” “I’m so abundant; I’ve attracted 100’s of dollars of free advice in the last 7 days.”.

Become a deliberate offer-er of your vibration and the Law of Attraction will obediently bring you more of the same.

Amanda Cooper

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