Angel Message Of The Day : Whispers On The Wind

Archangel Sandalphon 


On the tips of Hummingbird wings, the soft beating of butterfly wings, the silence of a feather in flight. Set a journey on your journey and be like a hummingbird moving forward in your life. If you want to be successful, then you must set goals and achieve them no matter how hard it may seem at first. If you fail in reaching your goals then try again until you succeed. Be like a beautiful hummingbird that is very small and can fly extremely fast as you move forward swiftly and elegantly.


In the asking you receive. In the wanting, all is made manifest.  If you want something, ask for it — not in words, but with your whole being. There are no exceptions to this law. The universe can only be generous when we are generous with others first. The more you ask for something, the more will be given to you; if you believe in yourself and trust in your abilities, then everything will work out well for you. When we desire something very much, it means that our inner self wants this thing or person very badly; this shows that we are ready for the change in our lives and that we need new experiences and challenges to keep us happy and enthusiastic about life.


If you want love, be loving to yourself and to those around you.  Love is one of the most important things in life. We all want to be loved and to love someone. Be kind to others. If everyone treated everyone else with kindness and respect all of the time, the world would be a much better place. Instead of being negative about people or situations, try to find something positive about them instead. Treat yourself with kindness and respect every day and eventually other people will do the same for you too!

If you want prosperity, be generous with yourself and others.  When you give to others, it helps them and yourself. When you help someone else succeed, they repay the favor by helping other people succeed which benefits the whole community. if you want to have a prosperous life, you have to be generous with yourself and with others. If you don’t have enough money for something important in your life, give some of what you do have away to someone else who needs it more than you do. The universe has been around for billions of years, and it has given us everything we need to thrive. If we want to prosper in this life, we must learn how to be as generous as the universe. When you plant a seed in the ground, it takes time for it to grow into a plant or tree that can provide food for many people. If you plant a seed today, you won’t see results until next year or even longer. But if you don’t plant seeds today, there will be no food tomorrow — or ever again.


If you want peace, be peaceful.  Being peaceful is not just about the absence of violence. It’s also about the presence of compassion, kindness, and empathy. It’s about seeing things as they are, without judging them as good or bad. Peacefulness is a state of mind that allows you to see more clearly and make better decisions. It helps you to deal with life from a place of calmness instead of reacting from fear or anger. When you’re peaceful, your body is relaxed and your mind is clear so you can think more clearly about whatever situation you are in.

Be that which you seek and that which you seek shall be made manifest before you. Be the thing that you want to attract into your life. Don’t be waiting for it to come to you, go out and get it as the law of attraction at work for you. If you want something, you have to do something about it. You can’t just sit back and wait for it to happen by chance. You have to take action and go after what you want for it to come true in your life.

You cannot receive that which you cannot give.  There are many things that you cannot receive until you give. The most obvious example is love. You cannot receive love until you have given it. The world is full of people who are waiting for something to happen. They are waiting for the right person to come along, the right job, the right house, the right church, and the right circumstances. They are waiting for their ship to come in, their lottery ticket to be drawn, and their big break. If you want love in your life, then learn how to love others first. The truth is that there are people who will never be able to give us what we want because they don’t have it in themselves. And that’s okay! It’s not their fault or ours; it’s just how things work out sometimes for reasons beyond our control..  


You cannot be that which you are not. Be in the silence, look about you. You are surrounded by the world of manifestation. And it is all your own doing. You had no choice about coming here but once here you can choose how you want to live your experience. You can choose to be happy or sad, angry or loving, and so on. Your thoughts create your reality so choose wisely because everything around you will reflect to you what you are thinking and feeling. You have brought it into being, and you must take responsibility for it. A way that is full of love and joy and peace. A way that is full of light and goodness and beauty. A way where we can live in harmony with each other and with all life on this planet. This is not an easy path, but it is the only true path available to us if we want to live in peace, happiness, and abundance for ourselves as well as for all other beings who share this planet with us.

You are blessed beyond measure, you are loved beyond measure and you are prosperous beyond measure.  Go first within, all else shall be made manifest on the whispers of the wind.  Listen, be open, and give of yourself from your heart and soul.  Look first within, all shall be made manifest on the whispers of the wind.

Amanda Cooper

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