Angel Message Of The Day : Express Joy, Kindness, Laughter



Your ways are to be just. 


Your ways are the ways of the Creator. 

Look around you, what do you see? 


What do you feel

What do you hear? 


Do you judge yourself and others harshly? 


Do you accept yourself as you accept others? 

Do you accept others as you accept yourself? 


Are you willing to look within this day and all the days before you? 


Are you willing to see another’s point of view? 


We do not ask you to take another’s point of view as your own. 


We ask you to consider seeing without filters, expressing loving kindness. 

Speak with truth and integrity. 

Speak with love and light


See healing and health


See prosperity and abundance

Feel harmony and peace


Express joy and laughter


Radiate love, step into Divine Light this day, all your days shall be filled with awe.

Amanda Cooper

NourishingYourSpirit, brought to you by Altrusitic Pte. Ltd., is a spiritual platform for all users to be educated and enriched with vital spiritual content that will aid them in their life's journey. Daily Astrological Forecast along with spiritual content in astrology, tarot, psychic, manifestation, etc. will be open for everyone to read. With our dedicated Amanda Cooper, spiritual enthusiast, who will bring about constant updates so that everyone can benefit through their walk in life.

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