Angel Message Of The Day : In All Things


In all things be true to you. You must be authentic and honest with yourself at all times because if you are not, you are not only misleading yourself but also others. Let go of anything that has a negative impact on your life. It’s sometimes necessary to be alone in order to be true to yourself and create a new whole.

In all things, speak your truth with clarity and loving kindness. Be true to your sentiments for others and speak the truth even if it hurts their emotions in order to have a beneficial consequence that does not change your conviction to others without causing them to waver the way the people hear you with clarity.

In all things seek the light for the light shall guide you in all ways. We are to be light seekers, divine light seekers, pursuing our path, going forward in trust, and seeking the beauty of the truth and light of our creator. In all things that may occur in our lives that appear to be conceivable, we must trust him and allow him to guide us in all ways.

That which has come before is no longer. All of the things that happened to us are no longer a hindrance; instead, they have taught us valuable lessons. Even the smallest things we commit to others must not be taken for granted.

All that has come before has brought you to where you are now, this moment. All of our actions and decisions in life are manifestations of where we are today from this point on; we must analyze every possible outcome we commit to that may lead to a greater future.

Look to the light beloved one for there are choices, decisions, much to be grateful for. You must be strongly and consistently linked to better happiness. Gratitude allows us to feel more positive emotions, have pleasant events, improve our health, deal with hardship, and form strong bonds.

All that has come before attempts to weigh you down, attempts to distract you from where you truly desire to be, to have, to do. Even if you are not against them, there is always an attempt to drag you down, which sometimes distracts you from your objective in life, but you pursue what is your desire and ultimately you have done it with ease.

There is only you which holds you where you are, no other holds you. You must let go of the past or incident that holds your brighter future or desire in life since it can change your present if you continue to cling to the things that hold you back.

True, others may have contributed to the place in which you find yourself. However, they are not the ones that completely develop you because you are the ones who make the final decision and where you are right now. But you must also evaluate what is best for you.

Look within accepting choices made bringing you to where you are. Because a life without choices means that someone else decides how you spend your time every day, such as what you do and when you do it. Everyone has the right to make decisions about how they spend their lives. Everyone has their own beliefs about what is important and what makes them feel the best.

In the light of the dawn all is made new, all is made whole. When a new chapter in your life opens, such as new identities that cause all new people to interact, resulting in a completely different person, it may be challenging at first, but you will eventually adapt it for a better tomorrow.

Blame not others; blame not yourself for you chose as wisely as possible in the moment of the choosing. You should examine all of the possible consequences in your daily life that could cause you anxiety, but you should not blame others or yourself for the decision you made. Choosing wisely in all situations can be advantageous or negative.

Each breath, each beat of your heart; each thought brings forth new pleasures, another beginning. Choose differently for in choosing differently that which you choose manifests different choices.

Amanda Cooper

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