Angel Message Of The Day : Seek Courage Within

Angel of Being 


Seek and you shall find. Seek and you shall be found. Seeking is a mindset that allows you to focus on the process of achieving your goals rather than just the result of them. For example, if you look at the world today, people seek money because they need it to survive. If they don’t have enough money, they will be faced with challenges such as not being able to buy food or pay bills on time. It means learning and growing as much as possible during the process. If you are looking for something, it is because you already have an idea of what you are looking for. If you are seeking, then there is something that you want and need to find. You have a goal in mind, a destination, or an objective that you want to achieve. 


Open your eyes to all that is around you. Are you what you see? Do you see the grass, the trees, and the flowers? Or do you only see a lawn mower, a rake, and a watering can? Do you see an opportunity for love or just another relationship that will end up in heartbreak and pain? Do you see a Job offer that will fix your financial crisis? Don’t get stuck on things that don’t matter in the end. Focus on what’s positive in your life and forget about the negative ones for now. The world is a place where you can see so much beauty and yet there are also some dark things that you cannot even imagine. Many things happen every day and you have no control over them.

In part, you are what you see in all that has manifested around you. The world is a mirror of your beliefs and expectations. If you have a problem with your money situation, it is because you have a problem with yourself. The world reflects to you whatever you believe about yourself. Whatever you believe about the world, the world will give you in return. However, if you change your perspective and look at things differently, you can find ways to improve your life and create more happiness, joy, and peace within yourself.


Yet you are not defined by that which has manifested around you. All of these are simply manifestations of what you think about most. In other words, they are all expressions of your thoughts. You are not defined by that which has manifested around you. You are not defined by your job, the investments you have made in the past, or your income, or the things you own like a money tree, a bachelor’s degree, etc. All of these are simply manifestations of what you think about most. In other words, they are all expressions of your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality.


You are the essence of that which you desire to be. You are a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. The process of fulfilling your desires is simple, but it is not easy. The simple part is that you must be that which you desire to be. It’s simple because you can’t become something else until you are what you want to be now. The more you think about it, the more you will become it. Whatever you give your attention and focus to is what you will attract into your life. Your thoughts and feelings create your reality and your life experiences.

You are the essence of that which has manifested as you draw unto you all that you feel, think, and act upon. You are not your body, but the consciousness that animates it. You are not your mind, but the awareness within it. You are not your emotions, but the source of them. You are not your thoughts, but the thinker behind them. In other words, you create your reality with every thought, word, and deed. If you want a different life experience or outcome then you must change what goes on inside your mind first because this is where true change begins. 


You resonate from the heart, the essence of your entire being. The heart is the core of your being. It’s your innermost self and the source of all your emotion and passion. Your heart resonates from the heart, the essence of your entire being. Everything you do is driven by your feelings, and as such, you are very sensitive to the energy of others. You have a gift for helping others heal, whether it’s physically or emotionally. You have an innate ability to create harmony in any situation, which makes it easy for people to trust you and open up to you.


Your actions speak for you, creating action all around you. There’s only one person in the world who knows exactly what you’re capable of, and that’s you. Your actions are the seeds of your future. If you plant them in soil that is fertile and nurturing, they will grow into a beautiful garden of opportunities. If you plant them in barren ground, they will wither away and die. You have to be the person you want to be, not just talk about it. You have to show up for yourself and do what’s necessary for you to be happy and successful.


Detach from what could have been, should have been. Attached to what is yet to be for in the bliss of living in the moment, all is made manifest in love, harmony, joy, prosperity, health, and happiness. The past is behind you, and the future is ahead. However, the present is happening right now. It’s the only thing you have control over. When you are detached from your past and instead focus on living in the present moment you can see your world through new eyes. You can see how all of life is interconnected and how everything is made manifest through love, harmony, joy, and prosperity.

Seek courage within you causing new action, new thoughts, and new emotions.  Courage is a choice. It’s a decision you make over and over again. It’s not physical strength, but it can be more powerful than any other form of strength because it comes from within you. You can never be courageous if you don’t seek courage within you. When you find the courage inside yourself, then that courage will cause new actions, new thoughts, new emotions, and ultimately a new life for you.


Seek courage within stepping into the light of forgiveness for all that is now behind you. Step into the light of knowing all is well, all is healed, and all is forgiven.  The only thing that stands in your way is fear. Fear of letting go of the anger, fear of losing control, fear of being vulnerable, and afraid you’ll be hurt again. Forgive yourself for everything that has happened before now. You may not be perfect but you are certainly loved and worthy of being forgiven by others and yourself. You can’t move forward until you let go of the past and move into a new future.


See, feel, speak, and act differently. That which is before you shall mirror your true Self.  See the world as it is now, not as you want it to be or as you fear it will be.  See yourself as well, not just your physical self but your mental and emotional self. Feel the feelings that arise within you when you see the world as it is now.  Feel the pain and hurt of others in this world and the pain and hurt that is within yourself. Speak from your heart; speak truthfully and honestly about who you are and what you are feeling at any given moment in time. 


Accept where you have been, detaching from all that has come before bringing you to where you are. Accept that there is no such thing as a perfect day, and know that even if one were to come along, it would be nothing more than an illusion. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and accept them as lessons learned. Learn from your mistakes. Do not repeat them! Permit yourself to be imperfect and human.


Open your heart, mind, your Soul to all that awaits you in the Realm of Spirit for it shall be made manifest.  Be open to all possibilities, as you are created in the image of your Creator who is infinite. You are limitless and eternal.


Seek courage within; be willing to see differently this day. Your fearlessness arises from knowing yourself as the pure awareness that is witnessing all things. It arises from knowing that everything is changing and that nothing lasts forever, including your own body and mind. If you can see yourself as part of this ever-changing universe, you will have no fear of death or separation because you know that in essence, you are never separate from anything else anyway. Whatever happens today, let it happen for your highest good.

Amanda Cooper

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