Angel Message Of The Day : Gift Of Healing

Archangel Raphael


That which is before you this day is a gift, embrace it with an open heart, with open arms, open mind. It is critical to keep an open mind. It is essential for both academic and emotional and personal development. There is no way to receive the signals that others are continually sending you unless you keep an open mind. Being truthful requires an open heart. It’s about recognizing the worth of emotions and utilizing them to create better personal and professional decisions.


All that has come before this moment has brought you to where you are. A defining event in your life is one in which your life’s path has irreversibly shifted. It could be something within yourself that changes. Perhaps you suffer an injury or sickness that alters your outlook on life. A change in career or relationship could be an external factor. You simply must embrace the truth that your life decisions or actions are the results of where you are right now; it may not be how you want it to be, but that is the reality you must accept.


Where you choose to be in the next moment is a gift of choice. The chooser is controlled by the choice. You may believe that you have no option or that you are trapped in your life. But, in reality, you are never stuck. There is always an option. The option to move or not to move. A decision between acting and not acting. You can choose to see the world as frightening. You can also choose to perceive the world as a place of riches. Make the life you want and desire your own. Make no decisions that limit your ability to be all that you can be.


Choose wisely for you are whole, complete and perfect now at this moment. In a wise or prudent manner: In order to take proper care of our health, we must be well-informed and prudently mindful to pick intelligently so that we are complete and perfect for the right occasion at the right time. The more we feel like a whole person, the easier it is to heal as a new person.

Imagine healing rose light weaving in and around your entire being, flowing gently through your physical body, radiating outward into your Aura. A healthy aura represents a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Monitoring changes in aura colors can aid in the diagnosis of illnesses. Using aura photos, a sickness can often be recognized long before the symptoms of the condition manifest. You might even realize your emotional state and sense your life’s purpose.


Imagine healing rose light begins to wrap around you, forming a soft, loving cocoon. Breathe in healing rose light, exhale pain and sorrow. You may encounter criticism from others wherever you go and whatever you do, but the butterfly knows that the caterpillars do not yet comprehend what it is like to fly, so he flies regardless. Overall, don’t let others prevent you from becoming, doing, or growing into everything you want to be.

Know with each breath you release all that would keep you from expressing joy and happiness this day. You must learn how to express yourself in order to be happy so that every breath you take brings delight to you. It may not be easy to express yourself, but it may take time to persuade your own thoughts. Most importantly, you understand the significance of expressing joy and happiness to yourself, which may lead to a different type of healing.


Be willing to free your beloved one, resting your Spirit in love. Self-love motivates you to look after your own needs. You’ll learn to give to yourself, and as a result, you’ll grow into the person you want to be. You’ll revel in the beauty and liberation of being honest with yourself, and you’ll get a firm understanding of who you truly are. And Resting in the Spirit occurs when the person being prayed for is unable to stand or sit and falls back or slides to the floor, resting on their back. Resting in the Spirit is really serene in the great majority of circumstances.

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