Angel Message Of The Day : Your True Self



The light within you shines brightly, radiating outward touching all with glorious brilliance. You always have the light within you, and it illuminates your true Self. You have always been full of hope and love, and in whatever you do, you are blessed and loved beyond measure. There is always a way out of any situation if you allow it to unfold naturally. You have no control over what happens in life, but you do have control over how you deal with it when it comes your way. Allow only light and love to enfold within you. You are being guided by the light within you, do not falter from it. Instead, put your focus on this light and search the path you have been seeking.

In your search for the path before you, look within. Your soul has an eternal destiny. Your soul’s purpose is to serve others as best as you can. It is your time to shine and live your own life on earth in a way that will bless others.  The only limitation you have is your perception of your power, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. You can only see yourself through your own eyes and filter out everything else that doesn’t make sense. But if you will look at things differently then you will be able to see past all our negativity and limitations into the truth. You are a powerful being living in an abundant universe where anything is possible.


All you seek is already within you at this moment. Beloved child seek within, journey within, seek first the Realm of Light and Love. Let it bring comfort to those who are weary. Let it give hope to those who are hopeless. You are given the opportunity to seek love and light. At the same time, you are given the capability to share this light and love to others. Listen to your heart and follow your intuition. You were born with the capacity to perceive and understand the universe, and you have a built-in sense of who you are and what is important in your life. All your questions have already been answered by life itself. The key is to recognize that all answers are given in different ways. Seek within and you will be surprised with how important all is.


Allow only light and love to enfold you with all you seek, all you desire. Be willing to step into your truth, for there is no other in all the Universe as brilliant as you are in this moment. You may be in a situation that feels challenging, but it is only an opportunity to grow and change your life. The challenges that you face are temporary and will soon be gone. It’s time to let go of old ideas and beliefs and let go of everything that doesn’t serve your highest good because there is nothing more important than your highest good. Release all of the unnecessry hardships and hurdles in life, and then focus on the greater things that it has to offer that will nourish your heart and soul. You always had the light within you, and let it unfold as you desire. 


Your Life’s Purpose is waiting for you at this moment. Be willing to receive all you are in this moment. Be willing to express light and love for you. When you are experiencing fear, go within and ask yourself if this fear is serving you or hurting you. This will help you release the old patterns of behavior that have held you back from your true potential. You are here to evolve and grow, to learn and know, to discover new truths that allow yourself to live your life in the most joyous and fulfilling way possible. There is no space for doubt and fear in your life. Instead, fill it with love and light, and share this light and love to those who surround you. Focus on the greater things in life, and you must remember to let go and release all of the emotions and thoughts that you should no longer seek. You have the ability to choose your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors every day. You have the power to create your own reality by creating your own thoughts and not letting outside circumstances dictate how you feel or what you think.

In the sharing of light and love with you, you have more than enough to share with others. When you are afraid of something, you often try to control it or change it because you don’t want what you fear to happen in your life. However, being fearful does not mean that something bad is going to happen; it means that we do not know what will happen next. Fear can create more fear if you continue acting from your fears instead of acting from your heart with courage and trust in yourself and others around you. You are blessed more than ever, and you must trust that all is well at this moment for you. At the same time, you are given the chance and opportunity to share your light and love to others. 


Share the journey with other seekers of the light. Begin within, all shall be made manifest upon your awakening. You don’t have to know where the path will take you or what lies ahead; all you have to do is keep moving forward with purpose and determination. Light shall give you hope for a brighter future. When you look up into the sky at night and see the stars twinkling down to earth from above, you are being reminded that there is always something greater than yourself. At the same time, you are never alone in your journey. There are others who also seeks light as you are, and you share this journey that you have together. You are given the chance to share your light within and share greatness to the world. Shine forth this day; allow your light to be a beacon in the darkness.

Amanda Cooper

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