Spiritual Wellness moment

Bad Condition

Because your spiritual wellness is not where it should be at the moment, you are currently suffering from both emotional and physical discomfort. Your body, mind, and spirit are not aligned properly, which is causing the agony that you are experiencing. Generally speaking, a fight with fear, rage, or guilt is the root reason for this lack of harmony. The fact that these feelings are being suppressed within your body and not being allowed to surface is the source of the pain that you are currently feeling. Because of this change, the pain will eventually become chronic, and you will start to experience it on a continuous basis as a direct result of the changes. The more you give in to these distressing thoughts and sensations and let them consume you, the more suffering you will have to go through. This is because the energy that is associated with those feelings is building up inside of your body and is not being released. This is the reason why you are feeling this way. Because of this, you are experiencing those feelings right now. If you continue to hold on to them for as long as you have, you will cause yourself an increasing amount of misery.

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