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The truth lay in the wisdom and knowledge of the ages. Truth was not just a concept, but an actual reality that existed outside of man’s mind. It was not something that could be learned from a book, but rather something that had to be experienced firsthand. The truth was simple, but not easy to find. The truth was not simply what a person thought to be true, because you could only think what you perceived through your senses and feelings. The truth was outside of your mind; it existed in a realm that was beyond human perception. As it is in the wisdom and knowledge of the ages. It has been passed down from generation to generation since the dawn of time.


If this were so, how then would you go about seeking the keys to unlocking the great secrets of this ancient wisdom and knowledge? To understand that there are no limits to who you can become, or what you can accomplish. This is not a new idea, but one that has been known throughout history by many different names. It is also the basis for many of our most cherished beliefs about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You must understand that all truth is ultimately one. It cannot be divided into parts or separated into categories. All truth is connected and interdependent. It cannot be found in one place alone but rather everywhere at once.

Look to you, go within, seek the silence in between thoughts, between breaths. Look to you, go within, seek the silence in between thoughts, between breaths. You are not your mind. You are not your body. You are not your emotions. You are not your ego. The silence is a place of great power. In that place, there is no need for words or action. There are no questions or answers. There is only the knowing of what is. And this knowledge cannot be taught by words or books or even masters. It can only be felt through your own experience of it.


Look at you, all you seek lay within you.  You are the source of your happiness and fulfillment. The greatest joys and pleasures are within you, not outside. Look at yourself and you will see the whole world. Look at the world and you will see yourself. If you want to know about love, look within your own heart. If you want to know about wisdom, look within your own heart. If you want to know about beauty, look within your own heart. If you want to know about peace, look within your own heart. If you want to know about happiness, look within your own heart. If you want to know about joy, look within your own heart.


Thoughts, emotions, and actions contain nuggets of your Golden Truth.  Divine Truth is the ultimate reality. It is who you are, it is the truth of why we are here and what life is all about. Divine Truth is the truth that allows us to experience life in the highest sense possible. Your inner state of being may contain fear, anger, or other emotions that cause suffering for yourself or others around you. When you can see the Divine Truth behind these emotions then they will lose their power over you and reveal their true nature as impersonal forces within nature. The next time someone says something hurtful to you or makes you angry or sad, instead of reacting with anger or sadness, etc., look at how this person’s words and actions reflect your inner state of being at that moment.


Gold is the purity of thought, emotional purity, and purity of intention.  Gold is symbolic of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. It is also representative of the sun and its life-giving properties. Gold is part of us that gives us the courage to face our fears and helps us find our inner strength. It helps us to connect to our spiritual self and discover our true purpose in life.

Gold is the covering of protection. It protects you from negative energies and influences, especially during times when you need extra protection. It helps to clear out old energy patterns and blockages from the past so that new possibilities can emerge. All things are energy, and all energy is from the Divine Source. So it’s not important whether you believe in the divine one or not. The universe is Divine one’s creation and everyone is a part of that creation. When you realize this, your life changes. You begin to understand what your purpose is here on earth, and you see every person as your brother or sister who also has a purpose.


Your inner essence is smelted, heated, and purified, transforming leaden energy into Golden Light. The Divine Being within you has always been there because it is eternal. It is an indestructible part of existence that cannot be destroyed or diminished by anything. It has always existed and always will exist because it exists beyond time and space. It exists outside of time and space because it transcends all dimensions including time and space. You can only experience this divine truth by letting go of everything in your mind that does not serve your highest good so that only what does serve your highest good remains in your mind at any given moment. 


Light a candle of gold, and focus for a few moments on the flame.  Divine Truth is the only truth that matters. It is the truth that lies at the center of your being, and it cannot be denied. The flame of Divine Truth will not burn out until you no longer need it — until you have become one with it. You cannot look away from this flame or put it out; if you do so you will lose yourself in darkness and confusion. At this moment, you are surrounded by love and light. There is nothing but peace and harmony in every aspect of your life. You have everything you need to be successful in all aspects of your life, and all you need to do is take what is yours by divine right, abundance, and prosperity.

What colors do you see within the flame? The flame is a symbol of Divine Truth. It is the light that guides us, it is the fire in our hearts, and it is the energy that brings transformation and healing to our lives. It is the flame that keeps our hearts beating, our lungs breathing and our bodies warm. It is the fire that lives within all things, including us. The Divine Flame represents divine truth and wisdom. When you are in touch with this flame, you will feel warmth, comfort, and joy. The Divine Flame is always there for you to turn to when you need help, guidance, or support.


Imagine all that would cause you to worry or pain to be consumed in the flame of the candle. The Divine Truth Candle helps you to see that all that you are experiencing is an illusion, a temporary experience. It helps you to see beyond the surface into the deeper truth of who you are: the eternal being that lives within all things. As you light the candle and focus on its flame, imagine all that would cause you to worry or pain to be consumed in this flame. You may want to write down what these things are before lighting the candle so they come easily to mind. 


All is transformed into pure, radiant light, released to the Heavens for healing. When you connect to Divine Truth, you discover that your true essence is a pure, radiant light. This light is love and joy, and it has been with you all along. It is your birthright and your destiny. You are surrounded by a cloud of Light that heals all wounds, dissolves all fears, and lifts you on angel wings into joyous freedom. You are free from fear, worry or anxiety as these emotions dissolve in the golden light of love. The world before you is transformed into a paradise filled with beauty and joy that awaits your every need.


The truth lay in the wisdom and knowledge of the ages. It was not a matter of opinion or belief. It was a matter of fact, and one could not be deluded into believing something false. Truth is the most important aspect of a person’s life. Without it, you are lost in the dark. You have no way to navigate through life, no way of finding your way out of the maze. You simply become lost and confused. The Divine Truth is not just a philosophy or belief system; it is an actual force that creates our reality through our thoughts and emotions.

Amanda Cooper

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