Angel Message Of The Day : Awakening Your Inner Essence



What does being awakened mean to you? Is it a feeling? When you talk about being awakened, it means that you are finally being aware of what is around you. It is a process of finally coming to terms with what you are meant to know and understand. It is awakening what is already in you, and you must focus on connecting with Love and Light deep within. When your inner essence is fully awakened, you will feel the bliss, and you will understand its purpose. Once again, what do you feel when you are finally awakened? Is it a sense of something wondrous?  


Perhaps you are unsure what to be awakened really means. If you are willing to travel in your mind to the Realm of Spirit, sit back, and breathe deeply. Hold this breath for a moment, exhaling any stress or strain you may be feeling in your physical, emotional, or mental body. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out. Feel your body free itself from any burdens. You will finally feel peace and harmony once you are no longer carrying the baggage of the disturbances and distractions of the Physical Realm. At this moment, you will finally feel at peace.

Pause for a few moments. Calm your mind, slow your heart rate, and focus on your breathing. What do you see? What do you feel or sense? There is a certain peace and harmony when you finally get to slow down and take a step back. In a pause where you are relaxed and unbothered by all of the outside forces, you will feel all of the burdens released from you. You will sense instead that you can make your way to the Love and Light inside of you. Focus on the inner essence, which will be awakened once you achieve the serenity you have been seeking.


Do you perhaps sense peaceful bliss deep within your physical body? When you are in the calmest state, you will finally feel this bliss you have been seeking. See or feel this sense of peaceful bliss begin to expand within you as it radiates outward, filling your entire body, mind, and soul with absolute calm. There is only peace. There is only harmony. When there is peace, you will feel that all is well or will be in due time. When there is harmony, you will feel that all is attuned to you and all of what you are seeking. It is a must that you put peace and harmony as one of the things that you must give importance to. 


Your inner essence awakens as you travel the path before you. You will know yourself better than you did before, and you will feel more connected to yourself and to the Divine Source. Sought out the things that strengthen these connections you have been looking for. Surround yourself with people and things that will encourage peace and harmony within yourself. This means letting go of what does not cause joy, peace, harmony, and love. Release all of them at once and focus on the 

In this place of peace and harmony, there is only joy. In this place of peace and harmony, there is only Divine Love and freedom from all worldly distractions. You are encouraged to focus on the things that spark peace and harmony with yourself. It is a must that you put Love and Light as your priorities to nurture your heart and soul. The connection that you have will never break away as they are always within you. When all of the distractions are finally away, you will feel the clarity. You will understand how to nurture your heart and soul by seeking hope and love.


You are always connected to that which is always within you. You just have to nurture this connection that you have by seeking peace and harmony once in a while. You are meant to do greater things, and you are meant to understand what is within you so long as you will seek it. Awakening your inner essence connects you more purely, more openly with who you truly are, a beloved child of the Divine Source and to all Angelic Beings in all Realms.

Amanda Cooper

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