Spiritual Wellness feelings

Bad Condition

Your wellness is not in good condition right now, which means that you are more sensitive than normal to being impacted by harmful energies. Because of this, you should be extremely careful today. Because of this, you may experience feelings of sadness, anger, and frustration. You are also more sensitive to criticism than you normally are. This is a new development. It is likely that you may experience emotional distress in the event that someone makes a critical remark about you today. As a consequence of this, you could have feelings of despair and the desire to retreat from participating in social activities. To make matters even more difficult, today, you have very little self-control. This indicates that you are likely to become irrational if someone so much as tries to provoke you. Before responding to someone who has said something that has made you furious, take a few slow, deep breaths; this will allow you to calm down and will prevent an argument from breaking out. Today is not a good day to be with negative individuals, so make every effort to avoid being around them. If you can’t avoid them, show them that you don’t care by wearing your emotions on your sleeve and by not letting them affect you.

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