Learn to do a study of your Personal Numerology

Numerology is the study of a qualitative description of the energetic vibrations of numbers, applied to human beings and their environment.

In order to decipher your numerical codes and be able to know the key information that will help you achieve the successful completion of your life’s mission, you need your date of birth and your full name as it appears on your birth certificate or certificate. In this exercise, we will learn to obtain the information that is encoded in our date of birth.

How are your personal numbers calculated?

The method that NourishingYourSpirit uses to decipher the entire puzzle of a person based on their date of birth is called: Personal pinnacle, this will never change, it will be the same for your whole life since it is calculated based on your date of birth. However, as the years go by, different areas of it will be strengthened, where some of the numbers will be more important than others and will thus mark the energies and tests that you will face in each of your life cycles, this would be the equivalence to maturing and evolving into a better human being as a result of the lessons learned.

Numerological Pinnacle:

“Pythagoras said that the soul comes to transcend and transmute in a journey that is described in the date of birth and that this establishes the degree of evolution that each soul possesses.”

The first code that stores information about Who came to be? and What is your life path? is: your date of birth, it is the cloistered area where we understand that I came to do “I” to evolve all the learning with the links where there is affection involved, and what are the life achievements that I will have to go through to finish this learning successfully.

Being able to understand objectively and individually the processes that you have been facing during your life path generally helps to give meaning and a perfect direction to the situations that arise in our day-to-day lives. With this tool you will be able to discover the lessons that you need to overcome in everything related to your family of origin and the bonds that you will create throughout your life (partner, children, friends, etc.), the challenge will be to be able to conquer what you it is contrary to the commands taught in the home where you were born, that is, that which leads you to build the uniqueness of your being.

Find out what the Date of your birth means:

  • Define the lessons you need to overcome in your home and the environment where you grew up
  • Clearly establish your abilities and skills and learn to empower them
  • Recognize your weaknesses and obstacles to overcome in order to raise awareness
  • Define the path and life trials that you will face in order to successfully navigate them
  • Find out which is the shadow that most hinders you to reach your goals.

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Starting from your date of birth, perform the following scheme of mathematical operations:


Write your birthday information in the following boxes:

HIDDEN NUMBERS: If in the negative numbers, there are 3 equal numbers, they must be added together and they must be converted to a digit, EXCEPT the number 11 and 22, this extra number is also known as SUPER-HIDDEN NUMBER and will be placed next to letter P.


A. Karma number: Month of your birth

The month in which we were born marks the numerological vibration of karma.

B. Personal number: Day of birth

It is what defines the person, their essence, their true personality, it is the engine of their actions, those characteristics that only people who are very close to them know.

C. Past Life Number: Year of Birth

It tells us about our past life. “Understand who we were, to improve who we are.”

D. Personality number:

It is the part of the person that is in the light for everyone, it is the first thing we notice about someone and that even when we do not know him deeply.

I. Subconscious Number: Our sixth sense

The subconscious mind does not think, does not reason, does not deliberate. Acts on instinct in response to basic emotionsIT IS THE INVOLUNTARY FEELING OF THE MIND THAT LEADS YOU TO KNOW YOURSELF.

In our subconscious, there is what we know as the “sixth sense”, hunch, revelation, or intuition, which is what alerts us to danger and advises us where and how to find success.

Knowing the number of our subconscious gives us a lot of information about it because we end up doing certain things over and over again, when we consciously say that we want to do others, somehow the subconscious guides us without us realizing where we really have to go our steps.

This number at our pinnacle is also recognized in people we admire or value, as we hardly consider it to be part of our personality.

Calculation of the number of the Subconscious:

It is the result of the sum of the numbers of the second level of the pinnacle plus the number of the third level, all of which are converted to one digit except 11 and 22.

J. Number of the Unconscious or Number of the Couple.

It is the “submerged” area of ​​our personality, of which we are not directly aware, it is called unconscious, it is where all the information is stored since we are born, even those things that we do not remember or with which we believe we have no relationship or affinity; The unconscious directs us in some way to carry out activities or behaviors that we consciously deny or do not give due importance to, it is the intuition that draws us to or away from something or someone.

These traits or behaviors are present to us on a day-to-day basis when we see or detect them in other people, which makes us like to be with them, that we admire them or that we recognize their way of being or acting as something superior or ideal. According to our personal perception, what really happens is that since it is something that we believe we do not have or that is absent in our personality when we recognize it in another person, it attracts us and dazzles us.

The Number of the Unconscious within the pinnacle is where we can discover what characteristics our ideal partner will have, the one that completes us, who will be our best friends, and what will be our greatest challenges or dreams of fulfillment, etc.

I am not necessarily saying that they must have been born with that personal number, but that they are people who possess many of the characteristics of that vibration.

Calculation of the Unconscious or Partner Number:

It is the result of the sum of the personality number + the destiny number, as in the other sums, all are converted to a digit except 11 and 22.

Example: Person who was born on July 16, 1968

Personality number = 1+ 6 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 8 = 38
Decrease to one digit = 3 + 8 = 11

Destiny Number = (Month of birth + Year of birth)
Month July / Year 1968 = 7 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 8 = 31 = 4
Sum Personality number + Destiny number = 11 + 4 = 15
Number of the Unconscious or the couple = 6

H. Destination number:

Each and every one of us was born with a specific purpose, the destiny number shows us what will be the result of our work and/or learning throughout our lives.

Negative numbers: K, L, M, NYO

The negative vibrations that result from our date of birth, tell us about our weaknesses, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and obstacles that we will have to overcome throughout our lives to finally be able to realize all the positive vibrations of our numbers.
The negative numbers are the great anchors or self-sabotage that do not allow us to achieve our goals and realize our dreams.

The negative numbers within the Pinnacle will be the energies that we will have to raise awareness and learn to control in order to realize our happiness.

Hidden Numbers: Q, RYS

Hidden numbers express questions to be resolved, which are very hidden in our personality, it is generally the face that we hide from others, of which we are ashamed in a certain way or that we consider detracts from us before others.

They are those actions, behaviors, or attitudes that come to light, sometimes of great tension or instability and that can get out of our hands in conflict situations.

Super Hidden Numbers: P

The super-hidden numbers express issues that hurt us, violate us or devalue us, these vibrations are very hidden in our personality and many of the times they will also be hidden from our sight and conscience, so they will generally represent the greatest of our anchors. or strings to solve.

It is the result of the sum of 3 equal negative numbers, therefore, if any of the negative numbers at our pinnacle, appears 3 times, it indicates that it is one of the strongest energies to overcome, this vibration will have to be added to the number resulting from this operation is called a super-hidden number.

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