Angel Message Of The Day : Vision

Archangel Jeremiel, who is a beloved child of Divine Source, has come forth to talk with you today in order to remind you of the strength and potential that are already present within you. Know that you are not alone as you read these words, because Jeremiel and his brothers stand by your side, ready to provide advice, love, and support as you go down your road. When you read these words, know that you are not alone.

The concept of manifestation is covered in Jeremiel’s first message to humanity. He brings to your attention the fact that anything you see in your mind’s eye will eventually manifest in the material world that surrounds you. Every one of us have the capacity to bring our dreams into reality, and everything that we could ever want is already within our reach. Jeremiel wants you to give some thought to the things that you genuinely want to see come to fruition in your life and take a time to do so.

Choose the job or mission that provides you pleasure and contentment, and make it your life’s purpose. Maybe you’re looking to identify and carry out your life’s purpose. Or maybe you’re looking for more plenty and success in your financial situation, or perhaps you want more peace and harmony in the relationships you have. Jeremiel informs you that whatever it is that you want for, it is already yours and is only waiting for you to take it as your own.

Jeremiel will ask you to open your inner eye, your heart, and your ideas so that he may help you get what you want. By doing so, you let the whole brilliance of who you are show through, so shedding light on all that is in front of you. You transform into a magnet that draws to you everything that is in harmony with your greatest good, including the people, opportunities, and resources that will help you realize your goals.

Yet, Jeremiel wants you to be aware that there may be people who are trying to get you to go back into old behaviors and ways of thinking. It’s possible that you’ve been used to restricting ideas or practices that are no longer serving you, or that you’ve been affected by the views and expectations of other people. Both of these things may lead to stagnation in your life. Jeremiel encourages you to treat yourself with compassion as you go forward on your journey, and to keep in mind that the ability to select your own path is within you at all times.

By lighting a purple candle and invoking the power that is inside you, you may help yourself remain focused on your goal while also shielding yourself from other influences. You may find it easier to connect with the heavenly direction that is made accessible to you if you wear purple, which is a hue associated with spirituality, knowledge, and intuition. When you are lighting the candle, make it your purpose to become in alignment with your greatest good and to ask the angels and ascended masters for assistance. Set your intention while you light the candle.

Jeremiel will also urge you to look for the light that is already there inside you. This involves making a connection with your own inner knowledge and guidance, as opposed to placing your whole trust on other sources for confirmation and direction. That means paying attention to the rumblings in your chest and having faith that the forces of the universe are aligned to work in your favor.

In the process of looking for the light inside, you will discover that the light also shines forth and illuminates all that is in your immediate environment. When you work on developing a feeling of inner calm and clarity, you will find that you become a guiding light for others around you, shining your own light and encouraging others to do the same. You could discover that others are attracted to you, seeking your advice and wisdom, or that you are driven to contribute your abilities and talents in service to other people. Both of these outcomes are possible.

In conclusion, Jeremiel encourages you to take care of your health, treat others kindly, be vigilant, show love, speak from the heart, and pay attention to the voice that comes from deep inside. These are practices that are simple but very effective, and they may assist you in being connected with your greatest good and in navigating the problems that present themselves along your journey. You produce an energy that attracts more of the same when you approach life with love and compassion, and you also open yourself up to a universe of possibilities that are almost limitless when you do so.

Dear child of the Divine Source, please be certain that you are loved, supported, and guided in each and every step of your journey. Your journey may bring you clarity, purpose, and pleasure; may you also discover the strength to shine your light brightly for others to see.

Amanda Cooper

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