Angel Message Of The Day : Radiant Light Within



Be pure of heart. Your heart is your strength. You have to know that your heart is your core. Keep it pure, and focus on positivity. You always have to remind yourself to focus on the light and love it should contain. Fill your heart with love and hope, just as you deserve.  


Be pure of Spirit. You have to fill your soul with hope and love, so you can carry on and bring the light within yourself. In that way, you will not only feel free, but you will also carry the positivity with everyone that surrounds you. Fill your spirit with light, so that you will have the light within you and radiate it. 

Be pure of thought. You have to be full of wisdom, so that you can help not only yourself but others, too. You have the gift of knowledge, and you have the power to share it to the world. Before anything else, you always have to hone this gift of yours. Fill your thoughts with wisdom, so that all decisions you will make will be to help you grow further.  


In all things be gracious, compassionate, loving. You have to ground yourself and learn to give back to the world. You have to focus on spreading love and light to everyone else, fill yourself with goodness. You will not only give yourself peace, but you will be a hope to other people, as well. Spread the goodness of your soul, and focus on helping each other nurture. 


In all your thoughts, be forgiving towards yourself and others. It’s not only important that you spread light wherever you go, but also, you have to learn to let go and move forward. You have to release it all for whatever has happened to you in the past. Be forgiving and move on. With peace within comes the greatness you have in you.   

There are many paths along the journey. There are many choices before you. You have to learn to focus on what is ahead. You have so much to give to the world, and the world is ready for you. You have to explore and learn what matters in your life. Once you are able to focus on your goals and aspirations, the clarity and light within you will be more clearer than ever. 


Choose wisely; choice creates new opportunities. There is so much ahead for you, and it’s only just the beginning. There are so many doors that are still waiting for you. Do not lose hope; remind yourself that the light is within you. Whatever you will be choosing, as long as it resonates with you, you will conquer it. You have to make sure that you are choosing the right path for yourself. You have to listen to the light within you to obtain the certainty you are longing for.  


Choice creates the opening of doors. Choice closes doors to all that is behind you. That means letting go of the opportunities that have passed. Know that you have so much to look forward to now. Whatever has passed is already done. When a door closes, multiple doors will open up to you. You will have so much opportunity to explore, you just have to believe in yourself and your capabilities.


Step through the door of transition from all that has come before. Step into the open door which awaits you. The opportunity would be there, just before your eyes. You have to know that it will come to you soon. 

That which is before you, waits to gift you with unconditional love; pure radiant light. Light candles of white and amethyst purple. The flame of the candles illuminates all, reveals all in golden light. This will give you the enlightenment you are seeking


Imagine golden light within you; imagine golden radiant light warming your physical body, Aura, and entire being. You are the world’s light and have so much to live for. 

See yourself within a bubble of golden light this day, you are a beacon of light in the darkness. You have been empowered, and the light is with you. As long as you are at peace with yourself, you will get to show and guide other people in the light, as well.


Be not afraid for all is well with you.

Amanda Cooper

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