Crystal For Thought : Shungite – Spiritual Properties

What exactly is Shungite?

Crystals have been around for a long time and have always piqued humanity’s interest. Shungite is a gleaming black gemstone known for its strong anchoring properties, and it is still used for vitality restoration in both the mental and physical realms today.
The word Shungite comes from the Russian village of Shunga, where they discovered it. Large pieces of a carbon-based gemstone and other crystals that comprise shards or aggregates of Shungite gemstones are referred to as Shungite.

Shungite is a black gemstone that is mostly made up of carbon. Its unique dark-sucking black colour is due to its high carbon content. Graphite and diamonds are both made from the same substance. In contrast to graphite, it is, nonetheless, shiny. A silver shine may also be seen on certain high-quality specimens.


Meaning of Shungite

Shungite is a gemstone that provides grounding, cleaning, and balanced. To many gem enthusiasts, Shungite’s meaning ranges from adequate security to psychological protection from diminishing or harmful energy impulses. If you’re carrying a heavy emotional load or want to shield yourself from a physically dangerous environment, Shungite can help you cleanse and detoxify.

Black is a good emblem of immunity in medieval alchemy. The carrier of the charm is said to be engulfed in darkness, keeping ill luck from finding them. The dark colour of shungite makes it an ideal gemstone for tasks requiring avoiding bad luck.

It may also be used as a booster in mysticism and meditation, as well as enhancing the power of cosmic rays, due to its electrical conductivity. Surprisingly, it is stated that it may aid in the improvement of local network transmissions.

If you aim your brainpower toward a certain goal, Shungite may act as an amplifier of your energy. It could help you anchor your ability to keep your mind focused on your goal so that it doesn’t stray. It may also push it even farther in the direction of your desired outcome.

Shungite might help you stay focused on your goals. However, it is them who will pave the road for your success while also ensuring that you remain grounded enough to carry out your tasks. This stone may also help you comprehend and discover effective solutions to why certain objectives you have set have not been fulfilled. The crystal is fundamentally tied to existence in various ways.

It could help you have a better grasp of your job and where you need to go in the future. Shungite, on the other hand, may help you synchronize with your surroundings so that you are never a people pleaser.

Shungite’s Healing Properties

Shungite has been used to boost health and well-being for a long time. Thousands of individuals were said to drink Shungite-infused water to improve their health. Nowadays, it’s still used in tonics and charms. It is well known that some forms of carbon may be beneficial. One example is activated charcoal, which is now widely used in fitness and beauty products.

On a conscious level, shungite, which has a very similar atom arrangement to charcoal, primary carbon, may give comparable cognitive benefits as charcoal. It sanitizes and eliminates impurities.

It may be used to get rid of negative people and disappointments from your life. To put it another way, it may help with stress, insomnia, irritability, and even skin issues. If you have any health concerns, always visit your doctor, and never use a gemstone to substitute medical therapy.

You may use it for all of these goals, either alone or together, depending on your needs. Shungite may also improve your brain abilities in general. That is, you may augment them by combining them with other gemstones or magical items.

Because of its deeper colour, shungite has been demonstrated to absorb hatred and resentment. By shrouding you, it may also protect you from ominous vitality. It’s useful if your job requires you to deal with risky or harmful people.

Emotional Healing and Feelings

Shungite might help you build up your dark identity by transforming unpleasant or imprisoned emotional pictures. These are the parts of yourself that you’ve kept buried because they’re unsettling or unacceptably you. As you work on emotional healing, your agony transforms into wisdom and compassion. Shungite is a balancing stone that assists in the cleansing and transformation of imprisoned energy, allowing you to deal with life perspectives and emotions with clarity and perspective.

Shungite has the capacity to realize your true boundaries without attempting to rationalize or be rigid. If you’re trapped in an emotionally problematic habit, it’s beneficial. As you learn to own your history and emotions, you will be able to recognize where your responsibility ends and others begin. As you begin to show up completely in your zone, existence, and attention to your internal power, everyone will immediately shift to this new energy rhythm.



Many people think that by absorbing negative energy, it helps relieve tension and concern. It’s a fresh idea that has yet to be proven. Alternatively, use Shungite to take a perceptual approach. Feeling and carrying something might help you overcome anxiety. One of them might be holding or caressing a Shungite gemstone.



As a cleansing aid, this two-billion-year-old gem has been used in healthcare, farming, water infrastructure, and more. It has been found to protect the body from free radical damage and to delay the onset of aging. It boosts the body’s ultimate immunity while also boosting energy.

It may be used to remove toxins from the body, including as poisonous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, fluoride, and other inorganic particles. As a consequence, Shungite boosts overall vitality, heals the body, reduces anxiety, and purifies our internal and external systems.



Shungite is a purifying gemstone that may be used to eliminate toxins from the surroundings and spirits. It’s great for cleaning and recharging your batteries. It may be used to guard against mental dangers such as black magic and witchcraft. Its high magnetic resistance makes it an efficient conductor for boosting energy transfer direction.

Shungite is a mineral found in Shungite.

Wearing Shungite is the best way to use it. Wearing Shungite on a regular basis is the most efficient way to use it. Necklaces are classic, but so are studs, bracelets, trinkets, and even rings. If you want to wear your Shungite as a ring, however, you need be careful since it is rather fragile due to its relative sensitivity.

The most important thing to know about Shungite is to always keep it near to you. Shungite accessories have the power to purify the air by removing negative energy. It will not function, however, until it is near enough to the negativity to evaporate it.


At Work and at Home, Shungite

If you want to absorb bad vibrations in other areas, such as your house and property, you may use the same strategy. Place a chunk of Shungite in the area, particularly where you are most conscious of negative energy. If you work at a desk, this should be at your doorway so you can go through all the workers with whom you’ve had bad experiences.

If your home has poor feng shui, place a piece somewhere where the environment seems to be really unpleasant, especially in areas where you get tired and annoyed while you stay there for no apparent reason. The shungite gemstone may assist to bring your home’s energy into harmony. You may sense it when your Shungite is properly positioned because of its historical ties to nature. Everyone in your family seems to be a little more energized and willing to conquer the challenges that life has thrown at them.

As a result, as previously said, this gemstone is perfect for absorbing negative energy and creating a more pleasant atmosphere in which to work and pleasure. Shungite will fit in wonderfully if you have a big or growing collection of gemstones on display in your home.


Shungite is a kind of Shungite that is used for meditation.

Shungite morning meditation keeps you grounded and focused throughout the day. Conditioning is important, particularly in stressful times, since it keeps you calm and focused, reduces stress, promotes positive vibes, and supports overall bodily, mental, and emotional development.


Relationships and People

People usually seem to be intent on dragging you down. Shungite will deflect their negative thoughts away from you, keeping you safe and confident in your abilities. It, like Hematite, might appear within the first few conflicts. However, in the near future, it will greatly boost your overall delight and effectiveness in your interactions.

Other gemstones detect tranquil energies, although these attributes aren’t as common as ordinary compassion. The dynamism of this crystal, on the other hand, is one of its outstanding qualities. It’s sometimes necessary to say what you mean and believe what you say while being true to your ideals.

Shungite is notable in that it does not necessarily promote a damaging or aggressive mentality. Instead, you’ll come out as more assertive and self-assured, which are qualities we could all use more of from time to time. Assume you’ve had enough of others dismissing your ideas or contributions as soon as you’ve spoken them. As a result, this gemstone may provide you the self-confidence and belief in the feasibility of your objectives that you need to get there.


Therapies using Shungite Crystals

After it has diffused or absorbed enough negativity, the gemstone does not wear out. In practically every circumstance where you pay psychological focus, you’ll discover yourself becoming more lucky and successful.

Shungite can help you aim your optimism in the proper way, regardless of your career, financial situation, love life, or personal well-being. People will value your courage and “tell it like it is” mindset, as well as your ability to work openly and creatively to solve problems rather than try to sweep them under the rug.


Chakras and Shungite

One of the most powerful advantages of wearing Shungite is that it may help regulate the chakras. The force of the Shungite evokes emotions and thoughts that cause us to reconsider our beliefs, habits, and life circumstances that cause us distress. It also physically detoxes zones associated with different chakras, which is why you should gradually include Shungite into your daily routine until you feel at ease with its liveliness.

Wearing Shungite will assist neutralize the energy created by a blocked or overactive chakra, as well as boost the efficiency of chakra repair. After eliminating the energy, you may safely perform chakra healing and restore balance to the Root Chakra. Because this chakra point is associated to feelings of stability, anchoring, and professional life, keeping it balanced is vital to your overall health.


Shapes and Forms of Shungite

If you wish to use Shungite to improve your health, the best way to do it is to dissolve a small, clean crystal in filtered water and drink it. You may use either cold or warm water for this project. Hot drinks, such as coffee, can heighten the intensity while diluting some of the nuances. To prepare a chill-temperature Shungite mixture, you must soak the Shungite and water in the sun for a few minutes. It does, however, preserve the multidimensional strength of the Shungite. Although a warm pale ale may create discomfort, it will eventually cut to the root of the problems. A cold brew, on the other hand, will keep you calm and collected in the face of adversity.


Combinations of Shungite Crystals

The best therapeutic gemstone matching for Shungite is with gemstones that promote harmony. Due of its evident and succinct ability to aid you in spotting and avoiding criticism, Shungite may sometimes lead to aggressive attitudes. You will no longer be impacted by other people’s negativity.

This is a great development in the long run. However, if you start incorporating Shungite’s influence into your life, you may find yourself breaking relationships. Use gemstones that promote calm, tranquility, and interpersonal contact to help you get through the tough times. Gemstones that encourage oneness include amethyst, citrine, and tourmaline.

Combine Shungite with a red stone, such as Ruby or Garnet, for protection. Shungite’s power will be boosted even more by these jewels, which carry a flaming energy. This combination is ideal for ensuring that no danger approaches you. Also, for giving you the power to deal with even the most difficult situations.

You may easily mix Shungite with practically any gemstone to increase its properties due to its use as a strength amplifier. Any gemstone may be successfully combined with Shungite. It may be used with other minerals or stones to bring love, money, or happiness into your life.


Birthstone Shungite and Zodiac Sign

Unlike other gemstones, shungite is not linked to any one zodiac sign. As a result, the vitality and attractiveness of this stone may benefit all of the other zodiac signs.


Color of Shungite Energy

In color theory, black is connected with power and control, as well as with hoarding information rather than sharing it. Black is intimidating, aggressive, and reclusive because to the seeming power it creates.

Because of its threatening aspect, it may prevent two-way communication. It conveys strength while while generating apprehension. Self-control and discipline are related with black, as are autonomy and positive willpower, as well as leadership and strength.

How to Clean and Care for Shungite

Shungite is a lovely gemstone that seldom has to be cleaned. It has a remarkable ability to blend in with the energy that surrounds it or that it gathers. If you cleanse it, it will remain connected to your chakras and offer that powerful anchoring effect on your body, mind, and soul.

Shungite is a powerful healer that can remove all forms of negative energy. It can also protect you from hazardous frequencies radiated by people, places, and things. You may cleanse your Shungite gemstone on a weekly or monthly basis. Rinse it with water and soak it in the sun or moon for at least two hours. Saltwater may also be used to soak shungite gemstones. You may use table salt instead of sea salt if you don’t have any on hand.

Shungite is a powerful cleanser that can remove a broad variety of negative energy. It may also protect you from hazardous frequencies radiated by people, places, and objects. Even though Shungite is a gemstone that does not need purification, it is nevertheless important since it collects a tremendous lot of difficulties. Once cleaned, shungite will continue to be a strong cleansing, purifying, and protective gemstone.

Shungite is a healing and inspiring mineral. Everything that is damaging to you or your surroundings will be removed, and everything will be restored to its former condition. This stone’s frequency dispels spiritual stumbling blocks. It will only become a problem if you use it after being exposed to negative energy for a long time.

Shungite Programming

While resting down, place Shungite at the Root Chakra, just under your belly. Set a goal for your meditation and be open to receiving wonderful energy without any previous assumptions. Visualize your objective utilizing all of your senses, imagine where in your life you need help, and ask your Shungite Gemstone to bring you peace.

It may not happen right away or during your first session, but the gemstone will gently impart its message to you. It might be with your ideas, pictures, or feelings. It’s best to let the gemstone instinctively determine where repair is required after you’ve placed yourself in a good mood. If you have an inquisitive mind, the gemstone will offer you with just what you need at the right moment.


Shungite Final Thoughts

Everyone benefits from its ability to increase the power of other gemstones. Even when we’re in its unique features, shungite is a great gemstone to use to boost the talents of other gemstones and minerals.

Shungite is also beneficial due to its capacity to deal with negative energy. It’s something that anybody can benefit from. It will assist you in improving your relationships as well as your overall fortune. It’s conceivable that you’re trapped in a poisonous circumstance or that certain people are dragging you down, but you don’t know why. Perhaps Shungite is the stone that might help you overcome their negativity.

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