Angel Message Of The Day : Let Go Of The Negative Thoughts



It is time to begin again. Time to breathe in light and exhale darkness. You are a part of all that was, and you are a part of all that will be. You are the Divine Source. You have been guided through many lifetimes to learn about yourself, your relationships, and the world in which you live. You have learned what it means to feel joy, love and gratitude—and also what it means to feel fear and anger. You have learned that there is a purpose for everything that happens in your life, even if it seems like there’s no reason for happiness or sadness at all times. Now it is time for you to do something with this knowledge: Begin again by breathing in light and expelling darkness from your life in each moment; breathe in joy and expelling sadness; breathe in love and expel hate; breathe in gratitude and expel resentment; breathe in service and expel selfishness; breathe in peace and expel anxiety; etc., etc., etc.


Breathe in white light, exhale shadows of what was. Breathe in the Light of the Creator, exhale all that no longer serves your highest and best good. It’s time to let go of the past and move into the light. It’s time to breathe in the white light of the Creator and exhale the shadows of what was. It’s time to let go of all that no longer serves your highest and best good.It’s time to breathe in the light of the Creator and exhale all that no longer serves your highest and best good. The Creator has a plan for you, and it’s time to start living it. It’s time to let go of your old ways and start living in the light.


Begin again with each breath. Begin again this day, the page upon which you write your life’s journey is fresh. We may make resolutions to improve our health, our relationships, our finances, or our careers. We may vow to be more patient, more organized, or more grateful. We may decide to finally tackle that project we’ve been putting off, or to finally make time for that hobby we’ve been meaning to pick up. Whatever our individual goals may be, we all have one thing in common: we want to make the most of our lives. We want to live with purpose and meaning. We want to be happy and fulfilled. The good news is, it’s never too late to start again. 


The page before you is bathed in the Light and Love of Divine SourceGift you this day, release all your cares and worries lurking in the shadows. When we feel lost or alone, we can always seek guidance from our guardian angels. Angels are always with us, even when we can’t see them. They are there to help us through tough times and to offer us comfort and support. Allow the love and light of the Divine to enter your heart and fill you with peace. Listen to the guidance of your Angels, and trust that you are being Divinely guided on your path. Release all worry, all stress, all fears. Listen to your heart, and trust that you are being Divinely guided. The Angels are with you always, and will never leave your side. Allow yourself to receive the love and light of the Divine. Surrender all that is weighing you down, and trust that you are being carried by the Angels. You are safe, you are loved, you are protected.


Step into the light beloved child, you are loved beyond measure. Step into the light, allow that which is whole, complete and perfect within to shine this day. What does it mean to step into the light? It means to allow ourselves to be seen. It means to be vulnerable. It means to be open and honest about who we are and what we’re going through. It means to let our true selves shine through. When we step into the light, we’re also stepping into our power. We’re stepping into our strength. We’re stepping into our ability to be our best selves. We’re stepping into our ability to love and be loved. So today, I encourage you to step into the light. Allow yourself to be seen. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be your true self. And know that you are loved beyond measure. Wrap yourself in Divine White Light on this day. Wrap yourself in love of Divine Source, for all is before you. Open yourself to new beginnings

Amanda Cooper

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