Angel Message Of The Day : Stillness

Guardian Angel of Stillness 


Be in the moment. Be in silence. You must remember to take a pause when it is needed. You must know how to take a breather, it is a breath of fresh air after an overwhelming experience or perhaps you seek silence after socializing with people. Regardless of the situation, you must learn how to bask in the silence so you can start anew. When you take a pause, you will have the time to reflect. You can have time to reflect on how you have been doing and the things happening in your life. You must learn to be in the moment, and release everything all at once.


Quiet your mind, deepen your breath. Allow your physical body to release all it is carrying within and around it. Feel the tension in your shoulders and neck simply melt from you.  You must let everything be released, all of your thoughts, worries, fears and all that you are carrying should be released. You must no longer carry the weight of these burdens, and you must let them go to fully be at peace, even only for a moment. When your mind is quiet, you will no longer be burdened by these worries and fears. Instead, you will have the time to connect within yourself.

Be in silence. What do you hear outside of yourself? Listen with your physical ears. Listen with your inner ears. When you are in silence, you will finally get to listen to what is beyond you. It is important that you take notice of these things. You must listen to what surrounds you and what is within you. When you are given the gift of silence, you will finally have the time to be at peace. Take a listen to your surroundings and you will have a better understanding of your situation. At the same time, when you listen within, you will understand yourself better. The connection that you have with the Divine Source will be once again strengthened. 


Breathe deeply and slowly, pausing as you fill your entire Being with the love and light of the Divine Source. When you release all of the things that may burden you, then you will make space for the love and light in your heart. Take a pause so that you can be at peace within yourself. It is important that you bask in the love and light of the Divine Source, these are important gifts that have been given to you. Let yourself rest and be in peace, and fill your soul with love and light. 


Be in the gap; be in the moment, feel or sense the stillness in between thoughts. Make space to breathe so you can make space for positivity and greatness. It is important that there is a moment of silence and serenity along the way so that you will not be overwhelmed by the day-to-day. You must be in the moment and be mindful of the things that should no longer make space in your heart. Release them all at once, and let the love and light in. When you are in the very moment of stillness, you must bask in the serenity. Be calm and at peace knowing that everything is in harmony

Be in silence. Allow you the gift of silence. Do you not feel a sense of peace? Peace has been bestowed upon you. Bask in the silence and the feeling of peace and serenity. When you are at peace, you will feel that everything is in harmony and balance. It is important to protect your peace at all times. Give yourself the chance to take a breather once in a while. It is the chance to take a pause and have peace that will let you experience the greatness of being still. 

In the moments where there is stillness, you will have the time to reflect. In the moments when there is peace, you will have the chance to start anew. In the moments where you have to start anew, you will have the chance to change the course of direction where you are headed. Delight in the gift of stillness, for in stillness all things are possible.

Amanda Cooper

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